Saturday, April 30, 2005

Amy Gahran: Blog Quality and Ethics

QuaLity is more important than QuaNtity Posted by Hello

Well, the top bloggers are once again helping me to understand the guts of blogging, the inner essence of blogology, the ultimate meaning of "blogger".

Blog credibility, business blog professionalism, personal blogging standards, blogging best practices, blogger ethics, the moral dimension of blogs...

...this is what I'm after in my post series on "Blog Quality and Ethics".

I am sending email micro-surveys to the most popular, successful, and influential bloggers currently active in the bloatosphere.

Here's #5 in the series, my kind ally...

...and one of the few bloggers who has the audacity and compassion to knock me up the side of the head when she feels (and she's always right) I need it...


In general, I think the biggest issue/challenge for bloggers is how to provide quality, not just quantity.

There are lots of other issues, but that one's very pervasive.

[STEVEN STREIGHT responds...]

Yes, again the Quality vs. Quantity problem is mentioned.

Have we bloggers become so obsessed with "frequent updating" and "regular, daily if possible, posting" that we are sacrificing quality, rich and relevant content?

Do we bloggers post something new just to "update" our blogs?

Or are we on fire about something?

Or are we feeling a burning urgency to reveal, illuminate, educate, warn, scold, caution, encourage, entertain, delight, inform, astonish...

...our readers?

Are we myopic, narcissistic, or overly self-impressed?

Are we just throwing out links, with very little comment...

...such that our readers have no idea as to what our opinions, beliefs, or ponderings are on this topic to which we provide links?

[EXCEPTION: Some blogs are link logs, like Robot Wisdom, or Instapundit, so they can be excused from the admonishment to provide more rich and relevant, original, blogger-authored content.]

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