Thursday, April 28, 2005

Blog Wars of 2005

are you ready for blogo-combat? Posted by HelloFriends, allow me to introduce you to a grim reality.

2005 will go down in blogology history as the year of intense blogo-combat.

BLOG WARS of 2005

* deceptive bloggers vs. honest bloggers

* ghost blogs vs. blogs authored by who they say they are in the blog title, About Me, Bio, or Profile

* fictional character blogs vs. real humans seeking candid, genuine, open, interactive communication with a target audience

* mundane drivel narcissistic personal blogs vs. interesting, unique, informative, inspiring, or entertaining personal blogs

* link farm blogs (whose sole purpose is to drive traffic to target sites, to boost link popularity and search engine results page rankings) vs. legitimate blogs

* sleazy sponsored link blogs (online gambling casinos, pharmaceuticals, libido enhancement products, dubious loan companies, spyware attaching sites, etc.) vs. rich relevant content link blogs

* clinking blogroll blogs (blogrolls containing only friends or same host blogs) vs. relevant blogroll blogs

* pseudo blogs vs. real blogs

* anti-blogs (ridiculous blogs created simply to discredit the blogosphere) vs. pro blogs

* censorship blogs (that delete, or unnecessarily moderate or even close comments on posts) vs. free debate forum blogs

Keep your eyes and thoughts open.

You'll start seeing the blog aberrations, deviations, perversions, and anomolies with ever increasing frequency.

And you'll need to speak out against them.

Stay tuned, visit often, or subscribe to the Feedburner feed, of Blog Core Values... stay informed about what an effective, satisfying, fulfilling, and professional blog can be...

...and what a phony, deceptive, or even dangerously malicious blog looks like.

Fight the good fight, don't just observe it from the trenches and fortified city.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told...the Leper Guru, etc.

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