Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blogo-combat against The Guardian reporter

bloggers vs. old media tyranny Posted by Hello

I love it when MSM (Main Stream Media) representatives step into the blogosphere...

...assuming they can strut around with superiority, arrogance, and hot tempers.

MSM folks, not all of them of course, but certain wrong-headed ones, flounder around like fish out of water when they enter the lightning swift stream of the blogospheric realm.

They want to tell us to shut up, stop interrupting them, quit thinking independently, and "where did you get such a loud, smart ass voice anyway?"

Hello MSM. What you are hearing, and are so troubled by, is the voice of the average person, the lowly working man or woman, the grass roots guys and gals, the Formerly Passive Subjects of MSM Hypnotism and Hype.

Never heard much from this voice, did you? Except, of course, for "Letters to the Editor". Ha! LOL.


I really enjoy debates with MSM zone-outs who can't control their anger.

The secret organizations (OCE, DBT, and others) that trained me in mental combat taught me a type of psychic judo, whereby you use your opponent's violent rage against them.

You allow them to come at you with full force, then you psychologically step out of the way at the last second, to watch them plunge to their pre-destined doom.

Here' an update on my blogo-combat with a reporter who WORKS for The Guardian.

Notice how these MSM types hate:

* how we blog without any pay

* how we persevere with no capitalistic incentive

* how we put in so much time and effort, they can't believe we could also hold down "real" jobs

* how we cannot be bullied into blogging about topics they wish we would blog about

* how we say whatever we want to say (Free Speech)

* how we deal decisively with those who invade our blogospheric territory.

Now, a brief orientation to this Blogo-combat Battle Zone.

(1.) There was a post on a blog that dealt with a blogger being interviewed by The Guardian, a British newspaper.

(2.) I "threadjacked" a comment string devoted to praise and congratulation, by asking why comments were closed at another thread. Note: I had to question this comment closing at some other post. Follow? Good.

(3.) The Guardian guy said "Too bad we have to listen to the sad and pathetic ramblings of some guy." in a comment following mine.

(4.) Too which I replied in a subsequent comment, "Yeah, too bad, Mr. Perfect"

Now jump ahead to a newer post, at the same site, about how The Guardian was ranting and raving about how the political bloggers did not blog about some guffaw or doodad in British government.

The guy who had been interviewed by The Guardian himself (!) published a post questioning why The Guardian seemed to be trying to unduly influence the blogosphere.

Okay? Now here are some comments that were posted under this newer post.


# Steven says

I agree. Blogs are about free expression, not conformity, blind obedience, or brainwashed happy facings.

I wonder how “Mr. Perfect” is feeling right about now.

# Phil Says:

April 29th, 2005 at 5:30 pm

How do I feel? It’s damn hard to be this damn good. But, you would not be able to relate to that, would you?
I still think you’re one step below a prison punk. And, that’s the lowest of the low.
How this relates to what I wrote on the other post is beyond me, but in your world of unreality, I’m sure it does.
Oh, sorry I didn’t respond immediately, but I work. You ever hear of that concept? And, I’m not talking about blogging, but work that brings in income.

# Steven Says:

April 30th, 2005 at 11:04 am

Typical MSM morbid stream media. See how gentlemanly this individual is? High ethics and professionalism. Wow. Welcome to the rough and tumble realm of blogs…where we invent the rules and you must submit.

All I did was say “Mr. Perfect”. Then see what he calls me. You, gentle reader, you decide.



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