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Debbie Weil: If the blogosphere had elected officials...

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Debbie Weil should feel at home here. She's one of the most respected and admired blog consultants on the planet.

Here she addresses the issue of how to best think about the blogosphere, and she valiantly debunks a wrong-headed approach.

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Published here with kind permission. Copyright 2005 by Debbie Weil. All rights reserved. Thanks Debbie!

See BIO at end of this article.

Paul Chaney has rounded up "the usual suspects" (that's from Casablanca) and suggested a slate of elected officials for the blogosphere.

Microsoft's most high profile blogger, Robert Scoble, as President; law prof Glenn Reynolds as Attorney General, etc.

Much as Paul's idea has some charm, I completely disagree with this approach to describing the blogosphere. It misses the point.

The point (to my mind) is that blogging is way more than a couple hundred folks who've heard of each other's blogs and link back and forth to each other.

It's a new way of spreading ideas, starting conversations, informing and persuading that threatens both the established MSM (mainstream media) as well as the way corporate America has been communicating to and marketing to customers (through PR and Madison Avenue ad agencies).

Sorry, Paul's slate gets no votes from me.

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Debbie Weil BIO


Debbie Weil is a speaker, consultant and the, er, MonaLisaofBlogging.

She's also publisher of award-winning WordBiz Report, along with two blogs: BlogWrite For CEOs & debbie's blog.

Also see her WordBiz Store site.

She's currently working on a book about corporate blogging for a major U.S. publisher (to be revealed soon!).

Drawing on her unique background as a journalist and an MBA with corporate marketing experience, she shows large companies how to brand themselves as customer-friendly, while also collecting money they're leaving on the table by not selling more effectively through the Web, blogging and email.

Recent clients include HP, Intermec and NIBM.

Debbie worked at Network Solutions, Inc., the original dot com company, and has several decades of experience as a reporter and editor with major newspapers.

NOTE from Steven...

Much more detailed BIO and Credentials at her debbie's blog.

I love that photo of her, coming around the corner of her blog, her hands holding the blog main page/title banner. Go check it out and see what I mean!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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