Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I Want You To Hate Me

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Did this title get your attention?

Did you wonder what would possess some maniac idiot to proclaim:

"I want you to HATE me"?

Why? Why do I want people to HATE me?

Well, it's kind of complicated, but here's a brief and over-simplified, dumbed down version of a concept that is in the near vicinity of the actual answer.


This then is a partially relevant and legitimate reply, but not the "real" and "definitive" answer. Just be satisfied, for now anyway, with this...

Why I Want You to HATE Me


If you're a ghost blogger, link farmer, sleazy sponsored linker, spyware attacher, comment spammer, or any other type of malicious or dubious practice advocate...

...if you are a con artist, scam monger, email spammer, or porn producer...

...my message to you is loud and clear: I Want YOU to HATE Me.

(1.) Antagonism gets our brains working faster and harder than does praise, flattery, pampering, extolling, idolizing, or reinforcing.

(2.) Hostility toward my ideas and assertions causes them to penetrate your consciousness faster and more deeply than affinity toward them.

(3.) By hating me and my opinions, you will go to the opposite extreme, in many, but not all, cases. This equal but opposite reaction will then fall under the Swinging Pendulum Syndrome, and at some point, your opinion, now at one end of the spectrum, in opposition to mine, will, through its own sheer weight, drop back down and sweep across the chasm, to end up in my camp ultimately.

(4.) Negative publicity sometimes, in some cases, is better and more influential, or I should say, more viral, than good, favorable, positive PR.

(5.) People, lots of them, often feel sympathy for the downtrodden, maligned, attacked, flamed, criticized person and his point of view, and will pay more attention to a persecuted individual than to an ignored person.

(6.) Hostility activates persuasive dimensions and insights not to be manifested in a friendly, supportive environment.

(7.) Hating something is nevertheless a form of attachment. Some religious people begin despising and exposing some evil, say pornography or drug abuse, then, due to obsessive focus on the item, fall in love with it secretly and eventually become that which they once hated, which paradoxically can sometimes inspire them to hate it even more, thus a dynamic feedback or loop is created.

CONCLUSION: Be careful about what you decide to hate. Your hostility could be auto-transformative.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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