Monday, April 25, 2005

Kill the Talking Moose Blog

That’s it. I can take it no longer. Will this BS ever end? Somebody is smoking way too much crack.


This is not cute, not relevant, not entertaining. Old ignorant jokes. No personality.

Blogs don’t have to be based on my “rules”.

Blogs can take any shape, content, format, purpose. But blogs offer smart companies an opportunity to connect with customers in a candid, sincere, relevant manner. You’d think this would be the priority. Guess again.

I read 3 posts at this blog, and that’s all I could handle.

I thought I was in some psycho nursery school where they throw a toy at you to distract you from the Thorazine they inject into you every hour.

Can you say “brain dead”? Fire the “blog consultants” and I don’t care who among my allies and business bloggers may have been behind this one. It reeks.

Not funny. No coherent marketing strategy. No connection whatsoever with product or USP or brand spirit.

Not entertaining. Not intelligent. Not worth even looking at, unless you want to see One of the Worst Blogs I’ve Ever Encountered.

Enough pussy footing around and saying “the blogosphere must make room for talking moose blogs.” That’s just a cop out, a cover for pathetic, inept blog consultants and marketing staff.

How much more stupid, unprofessional theorizing must we be subjected to? This is wretched mediocrity and lack of business acumen. If you think I’m just “against fictional characters” check out my science fiction micro story web site, COSMOS BLOGMOS.

People, this is insipid, extremely uncreative, boring, and idiotic.

Who am I to be so bellicose?

I’m an avowed enemy of the Bete Noire of the Blogosphere: the kingdom of the ghost blog, dysfunctional fictional character blog, and pseudo blog.

“Why do you call yourself…the Grate?” This is why. Now you know.

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