Monday, April 25, 2005

Why Defend the Core Values of Blogging?

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Friends, our beloved blogosphere is under attack.

It is experiencing such hostility and lethal corruption as has never been seen sinceTim Berners-Lee, Jorn Barger, Justin Hall, Dave Winer, and others pioneered the concept.

Blogs, meaning: frequently updated, reverse chronology, comments enabled, easy-to-publish web information hubs--are hated by some.

There are forces from dictatorships, mainstream media, old corporate ideology, outmoded advertising and public relations firms, and other mind controllers with hate in their hearts.

They've not ignored what we bloggers did to both right wing and left wing idiots, deceivers, and scam artists. They aren't taking the Trent Lott, Dan Rather, and other fallen giant disasters lying down. They want revenge on the blogosphere.

They're poised and already active.

Their intent is to harm, corrupt, defile, dilute, pervert, and overthrow the blogosphere as a trustworthy and self-regulating communications medium.

There are those who display sleazy sponsored links (online casinos, dubious loan companies, pharmaceuticals, libido enhancements) on their blogs.

There are those who create multitudes of fake blogs, just to act as link farms, linking devices to boost link popularity and search engine rankings of target sites.

There are those who pretend to be marketing consultants, yet steer their gullible clients into such questionable practices as ghost blogging and irrelevant fictional character blogs.

Some are just inept.

Others have a hidden agenda of discrediting and lowering the overall value of the blogosphere.

I, for one, will not let this happen...not without a ferocious fight.

Let's join together and rise to the defense and propagation of the Universal Blog Mantra, otherwise known as the Core Values of Blogging:

(1.) Authenticity
(2.) Passion
(3.) Transparency
(4.) Credibility
(5.) Individualism
(6.) Creativity
(7.) Originality
(8.) Relevance
(9.) Integrity

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