Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why I Started Blogging

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Why did Steven Streight start blogging?

(1.) When I first got on the internet, at the local downtown library, and surfed to some web sites, it wasn't long before I experienced problems navigating and interacting with the sites, trying to find specific information. I thought it was my fault.

(2.) I turned off the library computer, went upstairs, and found the book I needed in the business section: DESIGNING WEB USABILITY by Jakob Nielsen. I also visited his Use It.com web site.

Suddenly, I didn't feel quite so stupid anymore. I saw the light, the truth: some web sites have design errors and fail to comply with good interface principles.

One of the biggest difficulties I encountered in my early web experiences was the phenomenon of the "orphan page" or "mouse trap": you land on a page from which you cannot escape. It's really bad when your browser back button has been disabled.

(3.) I also saw that some of my problems were due to my inexperience with web technology, having worked with word processors only. I never worked with spreadsheets. I never played any computer games. I needed to learn how to operate a computer a bit better.

(4.) I decided to become a web usability analyst, a user observation test administrator, and a web crediblity specialist. I also wanted to become proficient in computer security issues, email composition, interplanetary internet research, and human-computer interactions.

(5.) When Blogger came out with the Blogspot blogs, I was skeptical at first. I even got frustrated trying to enter in a username, and posted a harsh critique of Blogger on some web forum.

But when I overcame my difficulty, and easily created my first blog, Vaspers the Grate, I was zealous in telling business owners, club members, and hobbyists they should start a blog.

I saw how a blog was a great way to display my expertise in web usability analysis, to display my digital artwork, to publish and display my science fiction micro stories, and to distribute technical information to interested parties.

I saw also how a blog enables users to easily and instantly interact with the information on the site, or with the author behind the site.

A blog is what a web site is *supposed* to be:

* easy to use, easy to navigate

* interactive

* frequently updated

* heavily linked to the rest of the web

* providing an online community, where users can interact with each other by commenting on each other's posts

* collaborative, letting users contribute their own user-generated content to the site via comments posting

(6.) My company, Streight Site Systems, does web related work, including creating and enhancing blogs for clients.

(7.) I currently operate these blogs:

Vaspers the Grate
web usability analysis & blogology

Streight Site Systems
mentally correct marketing

Cosmos Blogmos

science fiction micro stories

Art Test Explosion
digital media online art gallery

Blogs "level the communications playing field" for everyone from the common person to the CEO.

Anyone can now instantly publish their own words, art, photos, videos, music, whatever, to the world wide web.

Blogging software is the first technology to transform the web into a truly democratic space.

Blogs represent the basic universal human ideals of freedom, self-expression, and community.

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