Monday, May 16, 2005

12 Ways a Blog Transforms You

blog as personal transformation machine Posted by Hello


The blogger is not a regular human.

A blogger has an internal mentality, called "mind"

and an external personality, called "blog".

The blog author is different.

The person with a blog is always talking about blogs.

Others don't understand how to deal with this.

Employers, work associates, friends, neighbors, parents, love partners, spouses, children, none of them can figure you out.

You spend too much time messing with your blog, posting new material to it, reading other blogs, posting comments at other blogs, emailing messages to authors of other blogs.

When you watch television, you always twist every program and commercial into some aspect of blogging or blogs, generally:

* blogs as the democratization of the internet

* blogs as web power to the people

* blogs as freedom tools

* blogs as peer-corrected citizen journalism

* blogs as web content publishing platform

* blogs as activist-coherence and collaboration hubs

* blogs vs. MSM


* blogs as personal/social transformation machines.

You make people nervous.

It's obvious that you're constantly thinking about what you've recently written, or what you plan to write next.

People notice how it's difficult for you to focus on non-blog environments and spoken discussions.

They don't know what you're talking about, and your explanations are too heavily laden with new information and high-level strategic thinking, it's too much for someone who just put in a paltry 40 hour work week.

You probably work closer to 80 hour work weeks, if you include time blogging as work time.

You're constantly at the computer, banging away on the keyboard.

You're a leper.

A social outcast.

Someday you'll be admired
as a visionary.

But for today, for a while,
you're just a
miserable, shunned,
misunderstood leper.


Your leper status in normal society,
your stigma as strange,
speaking of unknown and
uninteresting matters,

and repeatedly, enthusiastically
using that horrid little,
ugly, impolite
word: "blog".

But you were transformed,
so it's not your fault.

You really are different.

You've been blogified.

12 Ways a Blog Transforms You:

(1.) improved thinking skills

(2.) faster thinking speed

(3.) more logical and aggressive debating skills

(4.) improved writing skills

(5.) improved imagination

(6.) improved social linking skills

(7.) improved resource linking skills

(8.) greater knowledge from sharing info with other bloggers

(9.) greater knowledge from research conducted for blog posts

(10.) increased confidence from the habitual practice of exposing one's ideas to the world

(11.) increased insight into web-empowered personal and social tranformation

(12.) increased interpersonal skills due to interaction with comment posters and other bloggers

Okay, I'll shut up now and listen to YOU.

What do YOU think?

Post a comment...or email me YOUR opinion.



[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate
aka Leopold the Told

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