Wednesday, May 04, 2005

6 Esoteric Powers of the New Super Bloggers

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!*! follOW me to revolutiON !*!

Now Leopold the Told will partially explain the difficult-to-conceive undercurrent in the Next Wave of Blogospheric Revolution.

Leopold the Told:


I wish to always exemplify the essence of what it means universally to be a person in a blog, to be someone who contains a blog which sometimes leaks out onto the actual virtual blogosphere (rather than remaining cooped up in the blog author's reverie).

Hence let us see if I am anywhere close to the Elementary Vow of the 6 Esoteric Powers of the Super Bloggery.

The: Elementary Vow

"I promise to develop, deploy, and demonstrate absolute devotion to supreme worthiness sufficient to enable me to be found in full compliance with the prophetic burden of the royal summons of the 6 Esoteric Powers of Super Bloggery."

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The: 6 Esoteric Powers


You speak your mind clearly, directly, aggressively, intelligently, confrontationally if necessary...without any fear of retaliation or misinterpretation.

Your thought rivers rush mightily forward, rising and sweeping over defeat, over antagonism, over obstacles, without the goad of condemnation nor the gold of praise.

The 100 Darknesses of Deception and Malicious Intent are one infinitesimal speck against the vast and majestic Truth you herald and proclaim.


You see the blogosphere "as it is", in itself, in context, and neither-in-itself-nor-in-context.

You see by the light of exhausting net usage, searching, exploring, analyzing, evaluating, harshing or cheering, untold mullets of blogs, blogs without number, a vast "array".

You have millions of superior, exemplary quality blogs, both imagined and encountered, manifold interactions streaming into your consciousness like a violet ray from another world, a reverberating ray that remembers and delivers, and its content is the wedded welding of idea and triumph.


You think, act, and are with great velocity, force, and penentration depth, slicing like a cesium sword, savaging the trashings and salvaging the remnant, the precious residue of good.

Sudden explosive benefit and fight.

Flashed insight and outsee.


The anti-, spyware attaching-, and pseudo- blogs rub you the wrong way, which generates a negative, lightless heat, a freezingly focused gaze at the monolithic enemy.

The idiocy of Past Economy charlatan evangelists and mass media broadcast arrogance mentality boils your blood when this power is achieved in full fledged pledge.

You write with poignant passion burning brilliantly from fingers to figures of speech.

You contemplatively pound the keyboard with astonishing ferocity and sublime generosity.


You begin attracting the necessary foes and friends, animostities and allies, monstrosities and mentors, and watch some switch back and forth from one to the other as the mood or circumstance strikes them.

You begin attracting what is also.

You begin attracting what is other than.

You begin attracting what is non-.


Your opinions carry the great weight of massive amounts and long hours of quiet research, dispersive meditation, randomized discourse, lobal interactivity, and medullaic upheaval.


Okay. Your turn.

What do YOU think are the secret powers of the new super bloggers?

Are you striving to exemplify them?

Have you taken the vow(s)?

What are you waiting for (4)?

Make a comment, or email me your opinion.

I'm curious as to what you think of all this.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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