Sunday, May 15, 2005

6 Secrets to Blog Success

now is told the half dozen esoteric success truths Posted by Hello

For pre-destined ears, ears prepared, ears ready.

The whisper-transmission of 6 Secrets to Blog Success.

This then is the teaching.

Whisper Transmission
6 Secrets to Success:

Try. Fail. Improve.
Persevere. Triumph. Dominate.

(1.) TRY

Figure out what's going on, learn all you can about it quickly, jump in with your version of it, then revolute to the next stages before anyone else does.

(2.) FAIL

Do many risky but innovative projects, do so many things, it's okay if most of them collapse or fall apart, the few surviving projects will feed into each other and reinforce each other, arising in the energy of experience of what does and does not work.


Improvement comes primarily through failure and errors. Make more errors, do things faster, make bigger mistakes, be wilder, be more extreme, be less expensive, be free, be ubiquitous, be solemn, be reserved, keeping being and changing and reversing--and some of it will be improving, betterment, progress.


Keep going even when you no longer care, even when it's no longer fun, even when everything seems against you, even when you're ruined.

Persistance is how most bad products became established in spite of their stupid advertising, shoddy quality, low usability, or other problems.

Sticking to it even when you feel totally hopeless and ridiculous, this radical, spiritual heroism always pays off eventually.

And once the eventuality becomes actuality, the pain and humiliationg of the struggle is wiped away forever.

8 Link Chain of Inevitability:

Impossibility -> Ideality -> Conceptuality -> Productivity ->

Tenacity -> Eventuality -> Actuality -> Inevitability

Before it is actual, it is considered impossible.

After it is actual, it is considered inevitable.


After actuality arises from impossibility through the 8 Link Chain of Inevitability, everyone thinks it had to happen, they accept it as pre-destined, when it was actually hard work and faith that forced its existence onto reality.

Reality is passive.

Inspired industry, work plus faith, confidence and effort...

...result in victory.


Conquerors establish the rules, routines, and roadmaps.

Dump "wait and see".

Pump "do and dominate."

Get in there, into the blogosphere, with a great blog, and it may be one to six years later, you will receive the rewards due to your pioneering and innovative work.

This blog, for example is the first and only blog known to me to combine:

* business acumen
* deep blogology
* mysticism
* ethics
* deconstruction
* web usability
* humor
* digital art

in one business blog.

I have no predecessors to follow, I have no one forging the path ahead of me, no examples that prove these items can successfully be combined in a way that will bring fame, power, money, and respect to me.

I do it anyway.

I blog in my own unique manner, and the clients and inquirers I serve are the ones I was meant to serve.

Those who read and subscribe to feeds of my blogs, they are the ones I was destined to reach with this information, much of which is Esoteric Whisper Transmission material.

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Thank you. I needed that. Albeit a post over a year old.

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