Saturday, May 07, 2005

9 More Blog Neologisms

9 newly coined terms for deep blogology Posted by Hello

Here are some more words I had to coin (invent) to maintain currency with the rapidly evolving blog realm, and my own rough and tumble experience within it.

I basically find myself making up necessary words as I write articles for my blogs, and as I post comments on other blogs...

...I then think back, and try to remember those new words, compile them in a post, attach definitions, and launch the whole mess out into the blog realm via a post.

This list is an addendum, appendix, or supplement to my first list "25 Blogospheric Neologisms" at:

More New Blog Words I Invented
and Freely Donate to the Blog Realm:

26. blogo-combat = debating issues via blogs, defending or attacking blogger opponents.

27. garbloge = garbage blog, trash blogging, worthless or malicious blog practices, similar to "scumblogging".

28. blogistics = blog logistics, technical or theoretical aspects of blogs and blogging.

29. bloggery = anyone or anything associated with blogs, as in "my bloggery friend", or "my adventures in bloggery"; a substitute for weirder sounding "bloggy", "blogness", and "blogdom".

30. blombing = using blog posts or comments as "bombs", attacking another blogger indirectly, i.e., on another blog, a "behind the scenes" assault; also called "proxy flaming" because an interpretation of a blogger is what is being held up to ridicule on another blog, rather than posting a derisive comment at the victim's blog.

31. proxy flaming = (see blombing).

32. blogged-out = similar to the expression: "burned-out", becoming bored or weary of blogging, feeling all used up due to massive blog fatigue.

33. shoe-linking = blog practice of providing links to issue-related online resources, perhaps with brief commentary, but not deeply analyzing causes and conditions of exploitation, nor championing any transformational or confrontational activism. ("issue" + "linking" = "shoe-linking")

34. New Super Blog = a blog that deterministically strives to:

* form an alliance or community of shared interests
* inspire readers to engage in activism, rather than simple information distribution, research, "shoe-linking", or debate about issues
* endeavors to challenge and change what's wrong in the world, the web, and the we
* provoke input, via comments or email, from readers
* use art, drawings, or photos to enhance blog posts
* provide thought leadership in a specific field
* expose detrimental or deceptive blogging practices
* explain the pros and cons of blogging, in a balanced manner, free of hype or hostility
* pass beyond narcissism into altruism
* move into new technologies for blogging: audio blogging, podcasting, image uploading, video blogging, etc.

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