Sunday, May 08, 2005

Activist Bloggers

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In the Tom Peters blog (Sunday Edition), this note entitled "Blogging vs. Doing?" was found, written by Chris Nel, posted Friday, May 6, 2005, at:
note=007721.php the Dispatches from the New World of Work category.

{QUOTE by Cathy]

"When we blog how can we ensure that we are adding to the amount of action in the world rather than the amount of chattering? What advice would you give me as a new blogger for helping others to take action?"


Activist Blogging is part of the New Super Bloggers wave just beginning to hit the blogosphere.

Bloggers who do more than chatter and debate issues, ideas, ideologies.

Activist Bloggers care enough to actually get up and do something.

Activist Bloggers know their mandatory obligation is to consistently support all alleged beliefs with corresponding actions.

Activist Bloggers seek to move beyond mere information, and move into implementation of all promulgated tenets.

Some other types of bloggers include the Pre-Surfed Web Blogger, Link Log Blogger, Network Blogger, Industry Blogger, PR Blogger, Consultant Blogger, Business Blogger, Instructional Blogger, Satire Blogger, Entertainment Blogger, Personal Blogger, Debate Club Blogger, Scholar Blogger, Transformation Blogger, ...

...all are in unison, unanimous, with no dissenting voice, uplifting the blogistic glory of the Activist Blogger.

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