Monday, May 30, 2005

America: birth and death place of blogs

suppression of political blogging is just the beginning Posted by Hello

SAY GOODBYE to Blogging...

Blogging is about to be killed.

Bye bye blogging.

It was nice knowing you. (audible sigh)


Here it is, Memorial Day, and in a certain sense, I'm not feeling very patriotic.

(NOTE: Every time I post something controversial, I lose RSS subscribers, lurkers, and casual readers. So be it. I am what I am. Weed out the losers, fine with me. The sooner the better. I speak only to truth-seekers anyway.)

Why do I feel sad? Because United States legislation by the FEC (Federal Election Committee) is poised to destroy free speech blogging.

Free Speech Blogging means you say whatever you want, about anything you want, and link to anything you want...with no fees, no fines, no penalties, no jail time.

This is coming to an end rapidly. I think we all know why, if we pay attention to the devastation to MSM and politicians by bloggers.

THE DANGER TO BLOGGERS: If you just mention a political candidate, or link to their web site or blog, or engage in other loosely defined political activity on your blog, the FEC is getting ready to consider that blogging act a FINANCIAL DONATION. Sound crazy? Wake up. They're serious. Investigations, fines, etc. are headed our way. Soon.

Some may consider me extreme, paranoid, alarmist, or rash. But watch what's happening in the blogosphere and in the news media. Doom is on it's way, unless we fight back fast and hard.

This is our time to shine and to preserve Free Speech Blogging for coming generations as well as ourselves.

Even if you could care less about politics and politicians (I'm with you there), this attack is just the beginning of the end.

If we sit around and do nothing, like most people, we'll lose our rights to blog freely, independently, opinionatedly...about anything.

Certain forces want to license, regulate, regiment, or abolish blogs.


Center for Democracy & Technology

(Headline news on this issue is at:


Institute for Politics,
Democracy & the Internet

have set up a manifesto
to ward off this cataclysm.

Please read the manifesto
("The Principles"),
sign onto it,
and answer their survey
to be sent to the FEC.

Protect Online Political Speech (manifesto, "The Principles")

Protect Online Political Speech (sign up)

Educate the FEC About Blogging (survey)

I wouldn't ask you to do what I have not done, and I have signed onto the manifesto and I filled out the survey.

Thank you for your concern and ACTION.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


James Meeley said...

You know, I'm just not all that concerned. Because if they do try to take blogging away, there will just be something new to come along to replace it.

No matter how often political types have tried to stamp out people spouting off their opinion (and I don't just mean American politcal types, either), they've always ended up creating newer outlets for the very thing they try to stop.

So, let them take blogging (if they can). They'll only force something newer (and perhaps better) to be created for the demand for spouting out your opinions freely.

In the end, they will always lose. That's why I'm not worried so much.

- James

steven edward streight said...


Thanks for taking the time to post your comment.

I'm not suggesting we should worry, fear, or feel threatened.

We should, however, do our best, do something, to stop the FEC from beginning the process of regulating the content of blogs.

Every good cause needed fighters, volunteers, advocates to champion the issues.

"Let them take blogging"?

Over my decaffeinatedly dead body!

No, I will not sit back and watch it happen.

Who is going to invent something to replace blogs?

This is wishful thinking.

No offense, but...

without activism, rebellion, revolt, devoted action, blacks would still be slaves to Southern plantation owners, or unable to vote.

If we love something, we should be willing to defend and protect it.