Friday, May 13, 2005

Blog Content Writing

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Writing becomes easier the more you do it, like everything else in life.

But also the more you read.

In fact, the Real Esoteric Truth about blog post writing is this:

As You

* Read Quality Literature

* View Quality Art

* Listen to Quality Music

* Argue with Quality Debaters

* Defend Quality Standards and Behavior

* Seek Quality Spirituality become one of Them.

There exists no dividing line
between yourself and Them.

You and Altruism are One.

You and Light Shield are One.

You and Creativity are One.

You're Astral Blogging.

with all the

Here now is

the whisper-transmission

secret doctrine

dealing with

Astral Blogging

and the other types.



Ponder ideas related to your specialty, relevant, of practical value to your audience, focused on your blog's theme or purpose.

Argue about these specialty-specific concepts.

Defend your original, specialized ideas (on your specialty) against all antagonism, contradiction, and misrepresentations.

Make indifferent friends listen to you rant in long tirades on the subject.

Advocate your original ideas in other blogs, online forums, internet bulletin boards, conversation rooms, and email discussion lists.

Sharpened in these conflicts, your original ideas are now ready to be posted to your blog.


Ponder ideas discovered in books or other blogs, notions that are related to computers and/or to your specialty, the essence of your blog.

Jot down your original reactions to the expressed thoughts of others.

Decide which of your written responses seems the most clever, astute, or humorous.

Then put those selections into your blog somehow, as individual posts, or perhaps a text collage of dispersements.


Somehow figure out or guess what your readers want to read.

(This is a lit-blogo-combat trap:

my enemies will seize this and wave it in the air, shouting,

"See? We told you Blog Core Values is stupid. He says 'somehow figure out or guess.' That's astute, mystical, secret business advice! Moron! If his 'deep blogology' gets any more self-impressed with such self-indulgent, negligent, non-insightful fraudulence, I'll stop eating my shoe.")

Once you've market researched, intuitively formulated, and interviewed customers to determine what they want to read about, start pondering anything, except what your readers want.

Once you've developed an interesting chain of thoughts on an irrelevant topic, bring the mental self-communication around to incorporate, and zero in on, a topic your readers do want to read about.

Now, using random processes, you've given your blog readers not only what they like reading about, but from a unique angle that most other bloggers in your topic area would not have even imagined.

Your fellow bloggers will wonder how you come up with such distinctive, unpredictable, unusual posts.


Take a walk in the closest woods.

Stare at a tree or abitrary spot on the ground for hours.

Let the New Super Blog powers flow through you without impediment or impudence.

Flow gently through and around you.

Try not to think about blogs or business or what you blog about.

Become one with history-less nature, a wiping away of memory and worry, a cleansing of discursive thought and klesas, a voluptuous union with the That which upholds all things, and that which is upheld.

When you get home, many hours or days later, write a few posts.

Save them as drafts.

Read them the next day and, if they still seem good, publish all them all at once.


Imagine the most futuristic things you can possibly imagine, then go a few trillion years, or several seconds, ahead of them.

You're Astral Blogging.

Imagine the most advanced evolution of blogs,

what could they be combined with,

what astonishing technological advances

would you like to see them have?

You're Astral Blogging.

Imagine profound new ways to apply current technology.

Imagine more sophisticated digital media embedded within blogging.

How could a blog be a one-stop shop? A web location you go to everyday, from you can link to all other desired web locations and internet zones?

How can a blogovideophone be incorporated into your blog?

How intimate could a blog be, how close to actual physical presence of the blogger in your computer, your home, your mind?

Imagine computerized dream recording and playback systems, with dream videos displayed in a transmission box in a corner of your blog.

Imagine more comprehensive, archivable, and flexible linking systems for social transformations.

Write posts about all these things...

...and friend, you're blogging way out there.

So far "out there".

You're Astral Blogging.

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