Monday, May 09, 2005

Blog Revolution or Blog Profit?

two opposing forces in blogosphere Posted by Hello

A recent online newspaper interview with Nick Denton "A Blogging Revolution? 'Give Me a Break', of May 9, 2005, by Tom Zeller Jr., The New York Times, found Denton stating:


The only reason he [Nick Denton] formed the company, he said, was to make his network of blogs -- which includes Gawker, the flagship chronicle of Manhattan news and gossip; Fleshbot, the thinking person's diary of smut; and about 10 other titles - more attractive to advertisers.

"It doesn't help with readers," he [Nick Denton] said. "It's actually a disadvantage, because it looks corporate."


[STREIGHT: In this interview, Denton expresses ridicule toward the idea of a "blog revolution" that can bring down corrupt power structures.

Those who wish to use a new communications medium for commercial profit, these types always frown on and scoff at anyone who envisions using the new communications medium for revolution, social activism, or philosophical purposes.

Blogs for purely commercial profiteering may be doomed to fail, because the monetary gain motivation is a turn off to blog readers.

Blogs for revolution are likely to triumph, due to the blog representing the democratization of web content production and dissemination.

Simply having a blog is a first step to revolution, the arising of the voice of the common person, who has never before had a universal platform for spreading ideas.]

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