Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Blog Revolution

how the blog is turning the world inside out Posted by Hello

Blogs are having a cataclysmic impact on
such outmoded social structures
and practices as:

* elitist journalism

* ivory tower academics

* mypoic PR

* command-and-control corporate leadership

* one-way mass media broadcasting

* monolithic univocal marketing

* passive consumption of advertising messages

* disconnected social isolation

* silence of individual conscience

* inactive sentimentalist theorizing

Now everyone can enter the communications arena.

Now the common person can lift up his or her voice to challenge, chide, and change the status quo.

Now citizen journalists, individual researchers, gregarious diarists, maverick CEOs, consumer advocates, entrepreneurs, popular uprisings against rogue regimes, user product reviewers, seekers of truth, whistle-blowers, ...

...all are colliding, coinciding, and collaborating in the blogosphere.

This is the Blog Revolution:

* the peaceful but aggressive upheaval and usurpation of the former communication hegemony

* the tsunami of public self-expression

* the cyborg-surgical removal of corrupt portions of the main stream media (MSM)

* the free roving of human consciousness, linking to information sources...

...similar to internal brain-cell linking: via synapses, conductive fluids, and electrical charges.

* the resurrection and resurgence of the individual voice

The enthusiasm for global, inter-personal, text-based communication is leading to...

...the activism of bloggers and blog readers united for social transformation.

BLOG = An interactive communications, connectivity, community building platform for easy composing, publishing, displaying, linking, archiving, and retrieving web content by non-technical web users.

BLOG = An accumulation of web footnotes, existing as hyperlinked content displayed and archived in one web location, generally updated frequently, in reverse chronological order, featuring user-generated content via comment posting or email to the blog author.

BLOG = personal tranformation machine (transforming our thinking, writing, debating, and networking skills).

BLOG = change agent disguised as a, get this, digital journal.

The whole point of a blog is: to

Communication. Conversation. Connectivity.
Interaction. Self-expression. Online community.

(nice stuff, but...)

Personal & Social Transformation

is the key
to blogging.

We force things to CHANGE.

Blog Revolution is Power to the People.

Blog Revolution is Stripping Power from the Institutions.

Blog Revolution is Exposing the Powers that Pretend To Be.

Are you part of this exciting Blog Revolution?

Even if you operate a personal blog to amuse friends and family, you're still a Blog Revolutionary, exercising your right to make your voice heard, all over the world.

Even if you simply read and post comments on blogs, you are an integral, vital part of the Blog Revolution.

Keep it up.

Now...what do YOU think?

Is the blog revolutionary?

Has blogging, either authoring or commenting, improved your thinking, writing, debating, or networking skills?

Are you aware of how blogs are the first universal communication medium, even expanding into outer space with the Interplanetary Internet?

Do you know that now, or very soon, an astronaut will be able to operate a blog from a space station?

Post a comment...or email me YOUR opinion.



[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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