Saturday, May 14, 2005

blogger as hermit networked monster

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MSM (main stream media) and mass media broadcast types, they just can't understand.

Suppose one decides to "check out this so-called 'blogosphere'.

They stridently swagger around the blog realm, like it's some immature media mess with no central control and no specific unified direction, with few rules and fewer who follow them...

...then, unfortunately, to their grim dismay:

Vaspers the Grate, Hush Puppy, Leopold the Told, Rude Robot Retard, Maddox, Rage Boy, The Violet Ray, or some other aggressive blogo-combat blogger will ram into him and rip him to shreds.

Force the MSM guy to lose his temper, post comments that his boss will tell him to have removed, or he'll be answering help wanted ads.

The blogger is a MONSTER.

Shy, non-interactive, non-commenting blog readers (lurkers) can't handle conflict, debate, confrontation any better than their academic exploiters and scholastic dominators.

Thus, they wilt at the slightest online critique.

They fear personal attacks because they cannot defend their personalities, they are indefensible. They read and return, but do not burn, thus never learn.

The blogger is a MONSTER.

The blogger is radical, opinionated, adept at online debate and idea defense skills and techniques, stubborn, and difficult to defeat in argument.

It's really funny to watch two hardcore blogo-combatants go at it, hitting each other with everything they've got.

One blogo-combatant always emerges in victory, while the other slumps off in humiliation, if the game is played correctly.

Modes, angles, and force of attack can alter with lightning speed and thundering ferocity.

Blogging is an Extreme Verbal Sport.

The blogger is a HERMIT.

The blogger is a person who is comfortable with written self-expression.

The blogger is a person who may avoid speech, conversation, parties, get-togethers, bar brawls, gossip sessions, talk-fests, conferences, podcasts... read and saturate the soul with text, high qualtiy text.

The blogger prefers interacting with people via text: internet forums, email, bulletin boards, discussion lists, chat rooms, and blogs.

The blogger is NETWORKED.

By embedding hypertext links into post text, the blogger extends instantaneous transportation to other spots, thus greatly facilitating a multi-guided intrusion into the blogosphere.

By listing good blogs in a blogroll, the bloggers suggests other sources of information, opinion, or theory.

By posting comments on other blogs, the blogger maintains an "InnerNet" within the blogosphere, cheering, jeering, challenging, and chiding fellow-bloggers.

Now...what do YOU think?

Post a comment, or email me YOUR opinion.



[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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