Thursday, May 19, 2005

Blogs vs Forged Documents

MSM errors corrected by bloggers Posted by Hello

Yet another tiresome story of obsessive-compulsive behavior in an established social structure.

Forged documents being touted and paraded by MSM newspapers.

And brave, cranky, free thought bloggers ripping into them.

George Galloway accused by MSM newspapers of ties with Saddam Hussein, a certain oil company, etc.

Christian Science Monitor and others waving in our faces, what seem to be, what bloggers are asking if they are, forged documents.

Investigative Blogs vs. Forged Documents

(Any blogger can turn investigator
when a relevant, urgent, cataclysmic,
personal-impact issue arises.)

Not blogs vs. MSM

But: "Blogs vs. MSM Errors"

And: "MSM vs. Blog Errors"

Working together for Truth.

Now here's a comment I posted
at Dvorak Uncensored:

[QUOTE by Steven Streight]

Certain segments and bigwigs in the MSM are in a panic, thus rushing brashly into errors and bad judgment.

Shooting themselves in the foot as they think to defend the fort.

Aha. I knew intutively it would happen counter-intuitively for them.

Forged documents.

Er...Dan Rather anybody?

Let's do something stupid, get caught, then keep doing it as a collective social institution. We're thriving, huh?

[END QUOTE by Steven Streight]

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