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Business Blog Post Titles Experiment

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[NOTE: This is an identical version of an article that originally appeared on BLOGthenticity, then was deleted from that site (long story), and transfered to my Vaspers the Grate blog.]

Here are the titles of the 5 most recent posts of 32 business-oriented blogs, as of April 12, 2005 from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

NOTE: This is NOT a list of "the best business blogs in the blogosphere, according to Steve Streight aka Vaspers the Grate". Some maybe aren't so good at all. This is rather just a quickly selected list of business and marketing blogs I know of and slapped together for this experiment.

Now...FORGET about who the blog authors are and how great their blogs "are supposed to be".

Judging ONLY by the post titles, which blogs would you want to visit?

Which blogs do you think probably contain, on a consistent basis, reputable and relevant content?

Which blogs do you think contain original (not linked-to) material showcasing innovative and practical business expertise?

Which blogs do you think might contain reliable material that could help you with your business blogging?

NOTE: I'm not necessarily implying that any of them suck, or are self-impressed or sycophantic, but then again....

YOU be the Judge, Jury, and Executioner (death to the guilty blogs--by not visiting, recommending, or emulating them).

REMEMBER: judge the blogs only by the post titles.

Not "that's an intriguing title"...

...but "I need to read that post to improve my business blogging skills or business acumen."

I know. This is more a test of microcontent, blog post title, writing than it is a test of the value of the blogs themselves. Phenomenology be damned. Think of how important the blog post titles are, especially in light of RSS technologies.

Once you're done, go ahead and visit them, if you dare, and discover what the posts contain.

See if you change your judgment once you're a little more familiar with the blogs.

See if you think they're valuable enough to bookmark as favorites.

Many, but by no means all, of the blogs listed here represent bloggers who are loyal and friendly allies. I'm not being harshly critical of them. They know me and my vasperish ways by now.


Fast Company Blog

1. Fishing for Schools
2. Money Clusters
3. Pay for Players
4. Leading Ideas: It's Not Your Words
5. Just Use It

The Intuitive Life Business Blog

1. Come Listen to Me Speak at the "Ethics in Cyberspace" Conference!
2. Ultimately, history is written by the historians
3. General Motors miffed at LA Times review, pulls all advertising
4. Conference on World Affairs: 7 Million Bloggers
5. When Accounting Collides with Customer Service

Business Pundit

1. Trackbacks Turned Off
2. XBox and Playstation to Release the Same Day
3. 4/11/05 Carnival of the Capitalists
4. America - Still Too Much Debt?
5. Home Depot Commercials

Decent Marketing

1. Video Game Company Marketing VP [Job] Opening
2. Power Blog Reviews: Decent Marketing
3. Why
4. No Customer Service - No Customers
5. Big Brand Theory

The Red Couch

1. Coverage in Internet News
2. Grace Bonnie Interview
3. Another Case Plea
4. Draft Chapter 3
5. Small Business Cases Wanted

Diva Marketing

1. Free Live Learning
2. Paris Blog Event
3. Friday Fun: National Geographic Channel Blogs
4. Let's Our Customers
5. Biz Blog Profile Series: Internet QuickBooks Online Blog

Brand Autopsy

1. The Focus Group as a TV Talk Show
2. Innovative Index
3. Making Over the CBS Evening News
4. Chaos, Revolution, and Micro Media
5. Never Blog Alone

Thinking by Peter D

1. Memory Maps Combine Internet Technologies to Tell Stories
2. Watch Out, Cellphone In
3. Ripped Off on My Birthday
4. Cellphone Etiquette: Enforcement Technology
5. Target "Gets" Smart


1. TV Eyes to Debut Podcast Search Engine
2. NBA Unloads a Ton of RSS Feeds
3. IceRocket Refreshes Blog Search Engine
4. Jaffe Creates a Tiger of a Nike Ad
5. Facing Pressure From Wikipedia, Encarta Opens Up

What's Your Brand Mantra

1. Co-creation Trend 4: Balance
2. Co-creation Trend 3: Control
3. Co-creation Trend 2: Motivations
4. Co-creation Trends: Revolution
5. Multiloguing


1. Ecommerce Figures Run Hot, Cold, Hot
2. AOL Search to List Ingenio Pay-Per-Call Ads
3. Major Agencies Finally Acquire Mobile Ability
4. Weblogsinc.'s New Banners Give Voice to Consumers
5. Massive Efforts to Place Products in Videogames

Seth's Blog

1. What's the always?
2. Are your people like your customers?
3. Making your sneezers into heroes
4. Don't tell me you make a commodity
5. When a word is worth $1,000 (each)

Tom Peters!

1. Brand: the Word
2. Cool Friend: Steve [Yastrow]!
3. Saturday Night Stay-over
4. On Winning
5. Getting on the Same Page

The Origin of Brands Blog

1. GoDaddy looks like a winner
2. Can Martha make a comeback?
3. Doing deals is not enough
4. Advertising Super Bowl
5. 7 Keys to a Sensational Super Bowl Ad

Chief Blogging Officer

1. sticks, stones, and stories
2. self-help and spiritual technology
3. some blogs
4. transititions - in which one thing leads to another
5. looking back

Business Blog Consulting

1. Boeing Blog Gets Closer
2. WOMMA Blog Presentation Resources
3. Top Nukes General Blogging
4. Happy Belated Birthday to this Blog!
5. Todd and Rick Speak On Blogs at WOMMA Conf., Chicago, Next Week


1. RE: Our Saturday Feature - 10 Tips for 10 Million Women
2. RE: So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really REALLY Want
3. RE: Tips for Recruiting, Training, and Entertaining Employees
4. RE: Good Housekeeping's Spring-cleaning Checklist
5. RE: Celebrity Tattoos and You

Small Business Blog

1. 8 Minute Test to Screen New Clients
2. A Guide to Startup Pitfalls
3. 5 B2B Copy Myths
4. Diversifying Your Line to Keep Your Startup Alive
5. How the Internet Has Changed Small Business Forever

Radiant Marketing Group

1. Guest on First Ever "Conversations With Experts"
2. Doc Searls' Blog Post Snowball Effect
3. Podcast Interview with Stacy Harp, Pres. of Mind and Media
4. SkypeCasting Made Easy
5. Google is the New Yellow Pages

BlogWrite for CEOs

1. Case Study: All Action, No Talk for QuickBooks Online Blog
2. Email April Fool's
3. A More Informal Corporate Blogging Policy
4. Blink...and You See White Male Bloggers
5. Tagging and Blog Maps


1. Look, Dick. See Jane. See Jane Change!
2. Sunday Fiction Feature: Five or Ten
3. Jane Turns Reporter
4. TGIF: From Jane's Point of View
5. Jane Gets Ornery

Fresh Inc. [Inc. Magazine Blog]

1. The Apprentice - Week 11
2. Succeeding and Starting Over Again
3. Where the Innovators Are
4. The Art of Micro-Interaction
5. For the Love of Franchising

Wonderbranding for Women

1. The Value of Doing the Same Old Thing
2. Blowing My Own Horn
3. The Good News and the Bad News
4. M2W - Marketing To Women Conference
5. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Crossroads Dispatches

1. Gone Dwelving
2. The Honey Pots and the Inner Guru
3. The Blessing of Stuckness
4. I See Patterns and the Zenification of Nearly Everything
5. Throw More Pots

Blog Business World

1. Carnival of the Capitalists at TJ's Weblog
2. Carnival of the Un-capitalists at the Green Lantern
3. Mission Statements and why do you blog
4. Links: your questions answered
5. Carnival of the Un-capitalists entries request

Nick Usborne Excess Voice

1. Monday Copywriting Tip #38: They Don't Read Instructions
2. Copywriters Compensation and Fee Survey
3. Extra Income for Writers
4. Monday Copywriting Tip #37: It's OK to Show Character
5. Freelance Copywriting Success?

PR Thoughts

1. Blogs & Wikis: Technologies for Enterprise Applications?
2. Intelliseek's Blogpulse
3. Wanted: PR/Marcoms that are not blogging and might want to try it
4. Edelman and Intelliseek publish the 1.0 Guide to the Blogosphere
5. Evaluating the New Siemens SK65

Don the Idea Guy's Brain Blog

1. New Music in the Wimpy Player
2. Whole New Frame of Mind
3. A Logo in Need of Life Support
4. A Hand for Hans

GM FastLane Blog

1. Still Open for Business
2. Sharpening Focus
3. Context is Everything
4. GM Performance is Back!
5. Zeta Not the End of RWD Performance

Church of the Customer

1. Better than a bake sale
2. Citizen Marketing and Tiger Woods Video
3. Brand Evangelists
4. "Why, Exactly, is GMC on this Earth?"
5. Creating Sustainable Word of Mouth

HELLO, my name is blog

1. You'd just have to say hi to this guy...
2. How to Get More Creative on the Phone
3. How to Handle Those Awkward Pauses
4. Hip Hop Music Teaches Us a Valuable Lesson about Small Business
5. Does Your Business Card Stand Out?

Ensight Business and Tech

1. What Makes a Great Post Title?
2. A Streamlined WordPress 1.5 Admin Dashboard
3. Chapters 1 and 2 Written
4. In Toronto Wednesday
5. Some Sentences are Art

Vaspers the Grate

1. Comment Spammers are Doomed
2. Ancient to Modern Spam
3. Fine Business Blog Theory and Practice
4. Some Business Books in Vaspers Library
5. bloatosphere: bloated with anti-blogs

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