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combative vs. diplomatic bloggers

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There are two basic styles of blogging, two strategies or personality types.

Which do you prefer to read? Which is your style? Are you a little of both? Which do you think communicates most powerfully and memorably?


(1) Combative Bloggers

(a) sarcastic
(b) harsh
(c) skeptical
(d) dreamy and stern
(e) demanding
(f) mandating
(g) angry
(h) questioning
(i) confrontational
(j) disturbing
(k) alarming
(l) risky
(m) brave
(n) utopian
(o) creative
(p) discontented
(q) other-centered
(r) struggle-oriented
(s) morphophilic (loves change)

(2) Diplomatic Bloggers

(a) pleasant
(b) soft
(c) optimistic
(d) mundane and gentle
(e) coaxing
(f) compromising
(g) pacifying
(h) affirming
(i) conflict-avoidance
(j) charming
(k) predictable
(l) safe
(m) timid
(n) realistic
(o) conservative
(p) smug
(q) self-centered
(r) comfort-oriented
(s) morphophobic (fears change)

This idea of combative, confrontational, radical blogging is mentioned in The Sunday Times-Business section online, in an article by Paul Durman, of May 8, 2005:

"Firms line up to rocket into the blogosphere"



According to Mark Rogers, a founder of BBC Online who now runs Market Sentinel, a web-monitoring firm, BT is the only FTSE 100 company that is set up to distribute its news via RSS, or Really Simple Syndication.

RSS newsreaders are the easiest way to track news and what blogs are saying. But without an RSS feed, companies’ own announcements are largely invisible in the blogosphere.

Rogers said: “It’s a real problem for companies that get embroiled in controversy, because responding to blogging attacks requires different smarts to the normal PR response. The more controversial and outspoken [bloggers] are, the more likely people are to link to you.”

This in turn increases the visibility of a scabrous blog to internet search engines.

Google owns Blogger, the biggest of the services that is facilitating this low-cost publishing boom. Although most bloggers are indulging their own passion and desire for self-expression, a minority are more commercial, and are able to attract pay-per-click advertising from Google and Yahoo.


Notice the choice phrase above:

"responding to blogging attacks requires different smarts to the normal PR response. The more controversial and outspoken [bloggers] are, the more likely people are to link to you."

I have explained how to wage blogo-combat, how to engage flaming adversaries, how to win in online debate.

Online blogo-combat does take a different kind of aggressivity than what might be found in emails, letters to the editor, telephone conversations, conference keynote addresses, print media interviews, group podcasts, or personal presence one-on-one discussions.

Only the strong survive in the blogosphere. A meek, cowardly, hesitant, tentative, tremulous "voice" or "writing style" is prone to be stepped on and kicked aside in the rough and tumble world of blogs and bloggers.

This doesn't mean successful, attention-getting, high traffic blogs have to be annoying, domineering, hateful, or vulgar.

It does mean you have to learn how to defend yourself, recognize fallacies and hyperbole, document your sources, stand your ground, and push forward an idea with overwhelming force.

I am probably about 80% combative, 20% diplomatic.

How about YOU?

Are you combative?

Or diplomatic?

Post a comment or email me your opinion.



[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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