Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How many blog? How many dead blogs?

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How many blogs exist...and of the total number of blogs that have been created, how many are still maintained, are still interactive, are frequently updated?

How many blogs are orphaned, floating cadaverously to nowhere in particular, barren ghost towns where the inhabitants have since moved on...

...how many blogs have already been abandoned by their creators?

How many blogs are so unimportant to the author, that updates occur only once every three months or so?

How many blogs are pseudo blogs designed solely to drive traffic and incoming links to a target site?

From the ClickZ Network comes this quote:

In an announcement dated November 18, [2004], blog-search company PubSub Concepts claims to already monitor over 6.5 million blogs.

Perseus Development, meanwhile, estimates by the end of 2004, there will be 10 million blogs, the vast majority already dead.

ClickZ interrupted Weblogs Inc. founder Jason McCabe Calacanis' trip to China for another perspective.

"There are millions of blogs, but I would say less than 1 million are updated regularly," Calacanis e-mailed. "So less than 1 percent of the country is blogging, but that figure is going to grow over the next five years to some percentage of the folks who e-mail today."

While he was ├╝ber-exuberant enough to predict that percentage will be 50 percent of the number of daily e-mail users by 2009, the point about the number of regularly updated blogs is easier to substantiate.


Let's start with Calacanis' other calculation.

According to the former editor-in-chief of the "Silicon Alley Reporter," there are only 200 blogs with monthly traffic of 1 million pageviews per month.

Only 20 of those receive over 10 million pageviews per month.

In terms of viewership, the Pew Internet & American Life Project estimates about 11 percent (approximately 50 million) of Internet users are regular blog readers.

Active bloggers, meanwhile, update their blogs regularly, to the tune of more than 275,000 posts daily, or about 11,000 updates an hour.

"The Blogosphere by the Numbers" by Rob McGann (November 22, 2004):


What is the Promise of Blogging for Businesses?

The questions many businesses and CEOs are asking are:

"Is starting a blog like becoming a CB radio or Ham radio operator?"

"Is a blog a communication vehicle for only a certain, geeky type of customer?"

"Is a blog capable of functioning as a viable, endurable asset...or does a blog represent a potential liability, in terms of time, effort, and exposure to fanatic flamers, vulgar detractors, irrational opposition, baiters and trolls, endless debates, etc.?"

"Are candor, intimacy, simplicity, populism, and transparency the best tactics to use in promoting my products...

...or are reserve, hierarchy, complexity, elitism, and mystery more appropriate?

And are blogs by nature more conducive to the former, and antagonistic to the latter?"

NOW...what's your opinion?

Should every business, organization, and individual have a blog?

Could a blog be a creative drain, a productivity sink hole, a bottomless pit of unfulfilled despair?

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