Saturday, May 14, 2005

How to Convince a Client to Blog

start a blog conversation with consumers, before your competitors steal the show with popular blogs Posted by Hello

Client Resistance to Blogging?

Empyrean Transformation Technique is now here.

You, Mr/Ms Client, need to start a blog.

You need to add a blog to your online arsenal.

You, or a delegated spokesperson, need to tell the best stories you can honestly narrate, about your industry and its future, your products, the problems your products solve, and related topics.


Your competitors may come up with highly effective, entertaining, informative, community building blogs long before you do...and once you finally do create a blog, nobody will care.

It will be too late to jump into the rough and tumble world of blogging.

Blogging is an Extreme Verbal Sport.

You need to learn the ropes now.

Whisper Transmission
6 Secrets to Success:

Try. Fail. Improve.
Persevere. Triumph. Dominate.

Dump "wait and see".

Pump "do and dominate."

Get in there, into the blogosphere, with a great blog, and it may be one to six years later, you will receive the rewards due to your pioneering and innovative work.

This blog, for example is the first and only blog known to me to combine:

* business acumen
* deep blogology
* mysticism
* ethics
* deconstruction
* web usability
* humor
* digital art

in one business blog.

I have no predecessors to follow, I have no one forging the path ahead of me, no examples that prove these items can successfully be combined in a way that will bring fame, power, money, and respect to me.

I do it anyway.

I blog in my own unique manner, and the clients and inquirers I serve are the ones I was meant to serve.

Those who read and subscribe to feeds of my blogs, they are the ones I was destined to reach with this information, much of which is Esoteric Whisper Transmission material.

Now, back to what to tell a client, to persuade a client to blog...

Why You Should Blog

1. To display to the internetworked world that you, or your organization, are receptive to, or prepared to do battle with, flames, questions, criticisms, challenges, abuse, unfair attack, hostile allegations, accolades, suggestions, advice, user-experience, user requests, and all outside lookings in.

2. To lead the way into the future with a communications, networking, and transformation tool that's as easy as email.

3. To gain proficiency with this new public utility, and thus early mastery, resulting in you assuming the responsibilities associated with ideological domination of your area of expertise or activity within the blogosphere.

Don't you wish you would or could have done this during the early era of other pervasive technologies, like television, radio, film, music recording?

4. To learn how consumers view and discuss you, your company, your products...via user-generated comments posted to your blog.

5. To gain wisdom derived from treading on unknown territory, slipping and sliding around on it, getting bruised and scraped, but full of valuable, marketable information.

6. To respond quickly to good news reports and bad publicity, in a personal, intimate, credible, likeable manner.

7. To commit certain facts, principles, opinions to writing and to global public view: helping to establish your willingness to be transparent and upfront, thus enhancing credibility and trust.

8. To achieve what is growing ever more difficult via mass media advertising and broadcasting: establish public confidence, gain good will, and fully explaining yourself, your company, your products.

9. To spread valuable elements of your expertise to others freely and abundantly, for good karmic repercussions and to reinforce the shared intellectual economy of the blogosphere.

10. To provoke devotion to activism designed to enact individual and social ideological turbulence, resulting auspiciously in transformation.

Now...what do YOU think?

Are there some good ways
you've discovered to
convince a client to blog?

Share your thoughts with us.

Post a comment, or email me YOUR opinion.



[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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