Friday, May 06, 2005

How To Evaluate a Blog Consultant

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(1.) Marketing Expertise

Does the consultant argue in favor of creating a blog for you, in favor of blogging your business... matter what arguments you put forward against the idea?

Does the consultant seem to only talk about blogs, blogging, the blogosphere...

...but not seem to know much about general marketing, direct marketing, online marketing, online copywriting, content creation, digital branding, quality commitments, insourcing, or customer service strategy?

If NOT, then AVOID this PSEUDO Blog Consultant.

(2.) Blog Wisdom

Ask the "blog consultant" if they like Seth Godin, Al and Laura Ries, Tom Peters, Jennifer Rice, John Maeda, Christopher Locke, Cluetrain, John Hagel, Deming, Drucker, Rosser Reeves, Tom Hopkins, David Ogilvy, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Gerry McGovern, Steve Rubel, Jacques Derrida, Maurice Blanchot, Jakob Nielsen.

Go to the blogs of those listed above, those who are alive and operate blogs, print out a post or two, wave them in the consultant's face, and say:

"Do you share a similar blogology, sales psychology, marketing savvy, or textual philosophy as propounded by this expert?"

If they say "No", then AVOID this PSEUDO Blog Consultant.

(3.) Blog Expertise

Ask the "blog consultant":

* What are the 3 primary benefits of a blog?

* Who should NOT have a blog?

* What are some deceptive or stupid blogging practices currently in vogue?

* What is the worst blog you ever saw?

* What is the best blog you ever saw?

* What 3 blogs to visit most?

* Summarize the early history of blogs, beginning with What's New by Tim Berners-Lee and ending with Evan Williams and Blogger (the First Two Waves of Blog Revolution)

* Explain the current 3rd Wave of Blog Revolution, and predict the coming 4th Wave of Blog Revolution.

* What in your opinion are the 9 most bizarre or phenomenal development related to blogs?

* How is the New Super Blog emerging from the primal soup of blogospheric chaos?

* What differentiates a New Super Blog from the early link log, the current digital journal, and the increasingly common business blog?

* What are the inner attributes and manifested qualities of the New Super Bloggers?

* How hard will I have to work on my blog?

* What are the best points in your own blog, and what would you like to improve if you knew how?

* How can I develop a unique and interesting blog "voice"...and which is more correct: blog "voice" or blog "writing style"?

* If a "voice" is behind and emerges from written text, is written text also behind and emerging from voice, from spoken expression, from verbal communication?

* Name at least 25 ways to enhance the credibility of a blog.

* What is the most unusual application of blogging you have discovered in your exploratory research on the blogsphere? The most successful?

* Name 10 or 12 aspects of the blogosphere that differentiate it from conventional media.

* Name some of your favorite literary authors, artists, musicians, and philosophers.

* Is the blogosphere a mass persuasion media or a public utility?

* Define "blog" and "blogging".

If the "blog consultant" cannot respond coherently to these questions, or provides false or unsatisfying answers, then AVOID this PSEUDO blog consultant.

Some of the questions under #3 may seem a bit odd. Done on purpose to startle and rattle the consultant.

What does music, art, philosophy, etc. have to do with blog consulting? A lot. Trust me. Extraneous influences yield unexpected offspringings.

I think I've given you enough evaluation tips to steer you away from your run-of-the-mill, garden variety phony, deceptive "blog consultant".

Fakers are just looking to make a quick buck off a trendy gimmick, what they consider the blog.

I consider the blog to be an instant web content tool, not a political platform, a sales circus, or a sermon pulpit.

Readers must be able to talk back.

Readers must be encouraged to argue with, complain to, question, and express appreciation toward the blogger.

I mean the blog must retain dignity as a valuable communication medium, and preserve its character as a two-way, interactive, back and forth, mutually beneficial forum, and free information exchange hub.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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