Thursday, May 19, 2005

Only Purpose of a Business

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Profit as Priority is Stupid

Purpose = that from which all else is derived.

I agree with what little I know of Theodore Levitt's opinion that "profit" is NOT the main or only purpose of a business.

Levitt declares that profit as purpose is repugnant, archaic, and mistaken.

Business #1 priority is Profit?

Insane. Stupid. Evil. Ridiculous.

The child sceams that the purpose of Christmas is to receive all the presents he told Santa he wanted.


At Business Blogcasting, there is an interesting question: why isn't "profit" a worthy primary or exclusive reason for a business to exist?

Oddly enough, Rob May at Business Pundit is musing about Marxism and the Alienation of Workers.

Fascinating convergences in the business blogosphere.

And here I am merging yoga, deconstruction, resurrectionism, and web usability in a unique blogology stew.

Okay. Time to shut up now.

I leave you with this response I posted at Business Blogcasting:

[COMMENT posted by Streight]

I agree with Levitt.

Profit is the lowest purpose, dead last.

Relevant High-Quality Service is the Only Purpose of a Business.

1. customer wants it: RELEVANT

2. reliable, easy to use, valuable, enjoyable: HIGH QUALITY

3. customer needs are met: SERVICE

Do those well, there will be profit as a consequence.

There are other things to do, and to avoid, but these are probably among the most fundamental.

Profit as a purpose for a business... like saying the purpose of a rifle is to kill deer. It's purpose is to fire a bullet with great accuracy, force, and range.

What results from these primary qualities is a secondary benefit derived from the primary, without which there can not easily be any other benefits.

[END COMMENT by Streight]

"Create and keep a customer" is vague, still secondary, but okay as a purpose for business.

But how do you achieve that purpose?

By accomplishing a still higher, more primary purpose:

satisfying a human need in a satisfying manner.

Buddhistically you could say:

putting an end to a specific suffering.

This is the Primary, Only Purpose of a Business.

Profit is sure to come to servant businesses.

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[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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