Monday, May 09, 2005

Paid Word of Mouth Advertising

is paid woma legit? Posted by Hello

They call it a "guerilla marketing" assault.

They invade and attempt to conquer the blogosphere or the entire internet.

They have a (hired) story to tell/sell.

They are the new Paid Word of Mouth Advertising troops.

Inserting themselves into chat rooms, discussion lists, online forums, and blogs.

Then, while pretending to be an ordinary netizen, a typical web user, with no ulterior motive, in actuality, their ulterior motive prompts them to push a product, ideology, opinion they've been paid to advocate.

This phenomenon of Paid Word of Mouth Advertising is occuring in blogs, thus we have the privilege of evaluating it by the reigning principles of our world, the guiding lights of the blogosphere: the 9 Core Values.

Right away, something seems odd.


Word of Mouth.

You're paid to pretend to like something, or to believe an idea.

The 9 Core Values:

1. Authentic? NO

2. Passion? NO

3. Transparency? When influence agents pretend to be typical, unaffiliated users, NO.

4. Credibility? NONE


6. Creativity? NONE

7. Originality? NO

8. Relevance? YES

9. Integrity? NO


It seems this new form of "guerilla marketing"...

...this attempt to manipulate the democratic open forum environment of chat rooms, discussion lists, online forums, blogs...

...does not fulfill the enforced standards and requirements of a good net neighbor.

What do YOU think?

Can this Paid Word of Mouth Advertising (PWMA) ever be legitimate and effective?

If the PWMA agent identifies himself as such, as a commentor with a commercial agenda, is the Paid Word of Mouth Advertising allowable?

Is PWMA the spam of "word-of-mouth-as-manifested-online"?

Would you think it creepy that someone was forcing others to accept an idea, when that person was paid to advance the idea, and it wasn't really his personal opinion at all?

Is this a type of scam?

Or is it a valid form of marketing?

Post a comment or email me your opinion.



[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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