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questionable blog consultants

carefully evaluate alleged blogging experts Posted by Hello

Jennifer Rice in her post "Hammers, cont'd" at:

...speaks of business savvy when dealing with a self-proclaimed "blog consultant", and adds an examination coinciding with my earlier post, with which most of you are probably already familiar: "How To Evaluate a Blog Consultant".

{QUOTE by Jennifer Rice]

Good blog consultants are definitely more than just implementers. They strategize and help companies figure out how blogs can best be used for their business.

But given the problem of "how can group A communicate better with group B", blog consultants will generally come up with blogs as a solution.

Community experts will recommend an online forum as a solution.

Ditto with a wiki expert, a social networking expert, and the future experts in whatever new nifty tool comes along.

Ad agencies provide strategic services, but -- what do you know -- recommend an ad campaign as a solution. Online marketing firms will recommend online strategies as a solution.

Hint: if the name of the tool is in the description, then you're going to get that tool recommended as the best solution to your problem.

[END QUOTE by Jennifer Rice]


Like I mentioned previously, if a "blog consultant" possesses little real marketing savvy, if the person seems to only want to talk about blogs...

...if the "blog consultant" persists, against all informed intrusions of skepticism, that a blog would be the perfect solution to any business communication problems or insufficiencies...

...if the "blog consultant" acts uncomfortable when attempting to discuss online vs. offline marketing, web content creation, blogs vs. web sites, blogs vs. email newsletters, direct response techniques, dynamic loops, increasing returns, blog text vs. print media text, and other vital strategic concepts...

avoid that pseudo "blog consultant".

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