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Seth Godin's New Digital Divide

is seth correct...or not radical enough? Posted by Hello

Seth's post "The New Digital Divide" is shaking up the blogosphere.

NOTE: Be sure to read Seth's entire post. All I reproduce here is a list of Digerati vs. Left Behinds.

Here is how Seth Godin astutely separates the smart, hip, thought leaders (digerati)...

...from the not so smart, square, trend followers (the left behind).

The New Digital Divide

The Digerati

(1) Uses Firefox

(2) Knows who Doc Searls is

(3) Uses RSS Reader

(4) Has a blog

(5) Reads BoingBoing (or Slashdot)

(6) Bored with Flickr

(7) Gets news from Google

The Left Behind

(1) Uses Internet Explorer

(2) Already has a doctor, thanks very much

(3) RSS?

(4) Reads blogs (sometimes)

(5) Watches the Tonight Show

(6) Flickr?

(7) Gets news from Peter Jennings

While I agree with all the above points, I think Seth's analyis can be expanded.

Just having a blog doesn't mean much to my mind, since it's so easy to start a blog and plenty of worthless blogs bloat the blog realm.

To read, and post relevant and intelligent comments on a high quality blog...

...or to have your own blog in use for a specific purpose, beyond narcissistic self-disclosure or random opinions on mundane trivia, this is "digerati".

Your Turn

NOW...what do you think of Seth's division?

Into what category do you fall?

Are you a Digerati...or a Left Behind?

Email me your opinion.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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