Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Spam Alert-subject line: Thanks (etc.)

spam alert--subject line: thanks (etc.) Posted by Hello

You Should HATE Spam! It's a Crime!

Spam is not funny. Don't be curious to read the horrid crap.

If you open a spam message, it will send a signal back to the spammer criminal, telling them that your email address is valid and active, then the scumbag will not only flood you with more junk, they will sell your email address to other spammers, virus mailers, and possibly cyber-terrorists.

Just opening a spam email can launch a destructive computer virus, according to my computer security advisors. Don't be stupid.

Here's a new twist on spam.

Are you getting messages in your inbox, from unknown senders, with...

subject: Thanks for [whatever]?

SOCIAL ENGINEERING = cyber deception

Using subject lines like "I love you" or "Your mother is trying to contact you" or "Mail Delivery Failure Notice" or "Thank You for That Info"...

...this is called "social engineering" by the security pros.

It means the con artists, spyware attachers, virus loaders, and cyber-vandals are using your NORMAL, natural inclinations and behaviors to trick you.

A normal, kind human being likes to think they're helping someone, even if they're not sure who the recipient is, nor what they did to help them. It makes us feel good to receive compliments, appreciation, respect, gratitude.

That's why the scumbag spammers are using "Thanks for [whatever]" in the subject lines. Understand?

Here are some more illustrations of possible Social Engineering ruses and ploys...

Who wouldn't open a message that had the subject line: "Your Dad is sick, in hospital".

Or: "The boss is getting ready to fire YOU"?

The New "THANK YOU" Scam

Now, the newest thing in spam is to use the subject line "Thank You for [whatever]"

Here's just the sender name and subject line I got a few days ago, I did NOT open it...

Sender: Carmel

Subject: Thank You Very Much, Netpreneur. Adv

Here's how I KNEW it was spam.

(1.) Carmel is an unknown sender

(2.) Netpreneur is an unknown name

(3.) Adv. is a stupid thing to add

(4.) I Googled the phrase "Thank You Very Much, Netpreneur.Adv" and sure enough, some web site in Germany had already posted a warning about this spam message.

Now today, I got another spam email, with "Thanks for your urgent assistance" as the subject line. Fools. I know a little bit about Social Engineering.

So, if you're tempted to open an email message from an unknown sender, at least do a search engine search on the sender name and the subject line.

Better yet, just delete the damn thing. Don't encourage spammers to continue to break the US law and violate netetiquette.

Thanks. (excuse the irony, heh)


UPDATE EDIT: Another new spam subject line is "AWARD NOTIFICATION".

From googling the phrase, I see that the fraud involved in such email is to trick you into filling out a form to provide private information, social security number, bank account numbers, whatever.

You think you've won some "award" from a lottery or a sweepstakes. But you are instructed to fill out a form. Another form of what's called "phishing".

Speaking of slimeball spammers, Publishers Clearing House is a big offender.

And guess what? I cannot sue them for lying to me and sending unwanted email. I contacted an internet law specialist attorney, and was told that consumers have no recourse against spammers. An individual cannot sue a spammer to punish them. What nonsense is this? This sucks.

I told PCH to stop sending me their stupid crap, and they said, "give us 20 days" or some similar message, and yet they lied and keep sending their junk to my inbox.

Publishers Clearing House has no moral standards when it comes to lying and forcing their BS sweepstakes garbage spam on consumers.

They were busted years ago for deceptive direct mail practices. Screw PCH. Boycott them.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Andy said...

I hate to say it but didn't you break your rule by replying to a "company" known to be a spammer? That verified your email address to them - and as they are illegitimate, of course they will continue to send spam.

I've never heard of them, myeelf. Maybe just write an email rule to block them before you have to see it.

steven edward streight said...


Thank you dear friend. I forgot, can you believe it, I forgot about Block Sender. Boy, do I feel dumb right about now.

Publishers Clearing House is huge here in the States (United). They have these frenzied sweepstakes with 12 foot by 4 foot checks and balloons and patrols that visit "winners" and tell them they just one a bunch of million dollars.

My wife responded to PCH to order discount subscriptions to Readers Digest, a fine publication, for her and her daughters.

Somehow she did something online with PCH and now we can't get them to stop spamming, sending unwanted commercial email.

I've been feeling kind of down today, and your comment cheered me up, Andy.

You may disagree with some of my ideas, but I do appreciate your coming to this site and engaging in conversation with me, since you have a smart head on your shoulders.

And I think we're brothers metaphysically.



Andy said...

I felt kinda bad leaving that comment as you came to my site and left three fantastic comments. I'm glad it cheered you up though.

I wouldn't worry too much about it - we've probably all responded to spammers in some way in the past. I have, even though, like you, I knew it was futile.

Hope you pick up today. It's good to meet new people. I'd rather meet someone I didn't agree with all the time - I doubt you;d agree with all I say either (I'd hate that).

It's all a learning experience, as one of your previous posts put so well. (I did mean to link to it - I'll note to do that today.

steven edward streight said...


You're fine. You keep commenting in any manner you wish.

I hate censorship and suppression of thought.

Blogs are being attacked from within and from without, especially link farmers and the potential FEC (Federal Election Commission-USA) legislation.

But wait until you see some retaliatory activism I've got up my sleeves. I have launched All Out War on the Enemies of the Blogosphere...

...and our side is winning.

I actually believe that God gave us the wisdom to invent internet and blogs, and with the French and Dutch resistance to EU constitution, partly due to bloggers revolt, we are seeing a new transformation of the world, global democracy, which is good metaphysically.

I know you understand what my subtext is here.

hint hint