Friday, May 27, 2005

Step Outside the Box to Think Outside the Box

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We need new thinking.

We need to keep up with lightning fast changes.

We need to be innovative.

Old ideas, old methods are no longer working.

Old habits, old attitudes are paralyzing us.

We need to destroy every trace of mediocrity in our lives, our relationships, our families, our nations, our world,

And our blogs.



How does Normal Mind
turn into
Extraordinary Mentality?

It's not hard.

Just start being different from what you are.

Start trying new things.

Have you ever read a whole book of poetry?

A long section of Jacques Derrida,

Hegel, Freud, Marx, the Bible,

Proust, Kafka, Buddist texts?

When were you last in a library?

An art museum?

A jazz concert?

A mosque, synagogue, temple, or church?

Visit a religious service that is not

your faith or denomination.

Don't worry, they won't convert you

to their religion.

But you may gain some insight,

some appreciation of something

beautiful you never realized

was to be found in that faith.

American Patriot, visit

the Amnesty International web site.

USA Hater, consider the funds

America has pumped into poor nations.

Atheist visit a church.

Churchy person attend a meeting

of some Reason, Skeptic, or Evolutionist

club or organization.

Travel Outside of Self.

Learn to Respect People Who Are

Devoted to Other Belief Systems.

Learn to Learn from Other Viewpoints.



Escape the Prison

of Self and Prejudice.

Nothing is more ugly than a fanatic

who despises people who express

different opinions and belief systems...

whether it be an fanatic atheist,

Marxist, capitalist, anarchist, Republican,

Democrat, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jain,

homosexual, heterosexual, asexual.

You don't have to agree with everything

another person believes and practices

to respect their right to be different.

I love how my favorite spiritual genius,

Jesus Christ, spoke of the "Good SAMARITAN"!

I'll bet you never heard any preacher

explain how the Samaritans were a cult.

A cult that was super deceptive

due to being very similar to the Orthodox

Hebrew religion that Jesus came to reform,

like Buddha came to reform Vedanta.

What would be our equivalent today of

a Good Samaritan, according to

evangelical Protestant churchians?

The Good Evolutionist?

The Good Jehovah's Witness?

The Good Mormon?

The Good Punk Rock Tattoo Artist?

The Good Liberal CEO?

The Good Secular Humanist?

The Good Homeless Bum?

The Good Usability Analyst?

The Good Fictional Character Blogger?

I think you see my point.

The Good [whatever is different

from what I think is orthodox,

normal, conformist, socially acceptable,

politically correct, ideologically right.]

Even if you sincerely believe there is

only One Truth, One Economic System,

One Web Design Practice, One Blog Purpose,

One Faith, One Philosophy, One Healthy Diet,

One Way to Dress, One Way to Be Sexual... can always learn something

from others who have different ideas.

If only: more reasons why

you cannot believe the way they do.

No one is 100% right about Everything.

Atheists have faith in gravity.

Believers doubt their salvation.

Loosen up.


Exerience the Other.

You CANNOT have new ideas

if you cling maniacally

to old ideas, habits, attitudes.

To "think outside of the box"...

you MUST "get out of the box"!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


media girl said...

There's something else about blogging I think you -- well, not exactly "miss" but fail to emphasize....


We can talk to each other. What a change that is from writing letters to the editor or complaining to customer support.

You got something good here, imho.

steven edward streight said...


Media Girl: I am a Total Interactivity Fanatic!

Just read some more of my posts here and at my Vaspers the Grate blog.

In fact, I just posted this tonight:

"Blogs Must Be Interactive via Comments or Email"

But thanks for the comment.

I appreciate your taking the time and effor to interact with my blog.

I support your idea 100%.

Perhaps I should've put that into this post.

Yet comments are not accomplishing anything if the blogger is too stupid to respond to them WITHIN THE COMMENT THREAD and not just in a summarizing post.

Or is too selfish and arrogant to really listen to and learn from the comments.

A corporate blog could enable us to post comments, but not take any action on what we input to them.

Still, Mars needs women and blogs need comments.