Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What Do You Mean by 9 Blog Core Values?

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What is a blog core value?

Well, it's NOT a "rule"
all bloggers are
expected to obey.

Nobody could enforce
any such "rules" or "laws".

It's not "I can't do that
in my blog because it violates
a blog guideline, thus I'd
annoy or anger other bloggers."

A blog core value IS:
a quality and ethical
standard you seek to follow.


I challenged myself to explain
what I refer to as
the 9 core values of blogging

using just one sentence
for each value.

Here's what I came up with.

The 9 Core Values of Blogging:

(1.) Authenticity

You're real, honest, and sincere.

(2.) Passion

Your genuine enthusiasm inspires others.

(3.) Transparency

You're not hiding anything,
due to being secretly
criminal or unethical.

(4.) Credibility

You document claims with facts
from reputable sources.

(5.) Individualism

You aren't suppressing your personal
opinions to fit in with some group.

(6.) Creativity

You're always seeking ways to improve,
to more effectively communicate ideas,
and to delight readers with new twists.

(7.) Originality

You don't just quote or link to others,
but express your own ideas and research.

(8.) Relevance

You care about how your
information or self-expression
can benefit others.

(9.) Integrity

You refuse to deceive, manipulate,
exaggerate, exploit, or harm others.

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Now it's YOUR turn.

I'm sure you can think of
even better one sentence
explanations of these values.

Are there valid exceptions
to these values?

Are there more values
I've forgotten to mention?

How important are core values
to your blogging activity?

Do you have your own personal
blog core values?

What are they?

Are they guides to your
daily personal life also?

Post a comment or email me your opinion.

I'd love to hear what YOU think.


[signed] Steven Streight

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