Friday, May 06, 2005

What is the Blogosphere?

blogosphere 1 = The primordial soup from which the New Super Blogs will be emerging with deconstructionist cesium-swords slicing stoically through the glint of a glazed gloaming. Posted by Hello

The "blogosphere" is that set of conditions and intentions that give rise to an electro-cosmos of integrated subsets called blogs, which are amalgamated within the web which dances on the skin of the internet.

To enter the blogosphere one need only type into a web browser address bar the URL of a blog site, and click/select Go.

To participate in the blogosphere, one need only read--post a comment at--a blog, or send an email to the blog author.

To inhabit the blogosphere, one must create, maintain, and update a blog.

To comply with the Primal Purpose of the Blogosphere, one must understand that a blog is composed of three basic, and very different, types of content:

(1.) blogger content: what you write--when you publish them to or within your blog, they are generally called "posts".

(2.) link description or copy and paste content: your written explanation of the content to which your cited URLs or embedded links lead; or cut and paste portions of the content.

(3.) user-generated content: what your readers provide to your blog, in the form of posted comments and email to you.

To fully realize the potential of the the blogosphere, one must encourage readers to bestow upon your blog the user-generated content portion of your blog.

To influence the blogosphere, one must write posts about other blogs and bloggers, post comments at other blogs, and email the blog authors.

To radiate within the blogosphere, one must continually improve ones blog: technically, artistically, textually, functionally, interactively, informationally, and metaphysically.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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