Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You Are Mystical

blogging is mental transformational behavior Posted by Hello

WHY I SAY: You Are Mystical.

A blog is not physical.

It's supported by
physical constructions,
computers, cables,
wires, metal, plastic.

But even these physical
qualities and quantities
existed first in Mind.

Mind is the Source.

By writing or reading a blog,
you express faith.

Faith in Technology.

Faith in Communication.

Faith in Independent Thought.

Faith in Free Expression.

Faith in the Validity and
Significance of Your
Mental Operations.

Faith in the Good Will
and Enlightenment
of Your Audience.


Mind Itself is the Blogger.

Mind Itself is the Blog.

Mind Itself is the Comment.

Mind Itself is the Feed.

Mind Itself is the Revolution.

Mind is Blog(ged).

What goes into a blog?







Mind Itself is Blog.

Blog Itself is Mind.


Mystical is the Opposite of Magical.

Magic tries to influence people.

Magic tries to manipulate the world.

Mystic sees the essence of people.

Mystic transcends the world.

Magical processes desire things
within the world: lead into gold.

Lead and gold are external
and connected with money.

Mystical processes detach from things
within the world: water into wine.

Water and wine are internal
and connected with mind.

Mystical =



"related to experiences
and expressions of intuitive
insights that point to truths
beyond human understanding
or perception in normal mode"

"related to inner perceptions
gained through meditation,
contemplation, or dream"

"state of consciousness
derived from interior
and divorced from exterior
modes of perception"

"directly occuring in Mind,
rather than the World"

When you ponder issues,
question power structures,
challenge status quo,
you are seeing a Different Reality.

You are Envisioning the Future,
the Ideal, a Utopia.

You question MSM.

You ponder Powers
That Pretend To Be.

You express inner realities.

You write about what occurs
in your Mind as you remember
what you thought and think.

You are creative.

You are artistic.

You are motivated from within.

You are innovative.

You care about blogging not for
what it leads to financially...'re into blogging
for its own reward,
for expression,


Blogging as a state of being,
a state of consciousness.


You Are Mystical.

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