Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You Are Revolutionary

blogs are revolutionizing global communications Posted by Hello

WHY I SAY: You Are Revolutionary

Friend, if you:

(1.) have a blog

(2.) read blogs

(3.) interact with blogs

(4.) subscribe to blog RSS feeds

(5.) service the blogosphere

...then You Are Revolutionary.

The blog is the first
Universal Communication Tool
of humanity.

The blog is the
of the web.

The blog is
Web Content Publishing
Power to the People.

The blog is
the fastest rising technology
in human history.

Don't worry if CEOs and businesses
can't figure out how to use blogs,
or can't make $$$MONEY$$$ from them.

Blogs were never meant or designed
for business applications,

though they are great for business
and commercial purposes,

especially for those who sell
via words, text, persuasion,
concepts, figures, statistics.

Don't worry about who stops blogging.
Don't worry about who mocks blogging.

Revolutionaries are devoted.

Revolutionaries pave the way.

Revolutionaries get all the glory.

Revolutionaries use their time
on earth in valuable manner
for all sentient beings.


The blog makes
everyone equal:

from CEO to janitor,
from tyrant to liberator,
from king to slave,
from celebrity to unknown.

When you finally understand
and come to grips with this,

you'll write, read, and
interact with blogs
in a more enlightened manner.

Look into the History of Blogs.

You'll see What's Going On.

You Blogger.
You Blog Reader.
You Blog Commentor.
You Blog Author Email Sender.
You Blog Software Designer.
You Blog Host Service.
You Blog Stats Tracker.
You Blog RSS Feed Subscriber.
You Blog Template Designer.
You Blog Book Writer.
You Blog Consultant.
You Blog Pundit.
You Blog Pioneer.
You Blog Innovator.

You Are Revolutionary.

You are vital to The Blog Revolution...

...even if all you do is read
and post comments to blogs.

...even if all you do is read
and send emails to blog authors.

...even if all you do is write
a blog post every day or two.

Every blog related act helps,

even harsh criticism of blogs.

You Are Revolutionary.

Learn to fully comprehend
what this means.

I'll try to keep explaining
and proving this reality to you.

Now...YOUR turn to talk!

Be Revolutionary... a comment
or email me YOUR opinion.

Do you feel Revolutionary?

Do you more ways in which
blogs are a revolution?

I want to hear from YOU now.



[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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