Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blog Passion and Taking a Break

Blog Core Values poster 1 (photo: sokak 83 by cahilus)

One of the nine (9) core values of blogging is Passion.

It's good to be dedicated, with a fire of enthusiasm, to whatever topic or issue or area of expertise you blog about.

Your passion could be self-expression, politics, philosophy, business, marketing, astronomy, social activism, ethical anarchy, web usability, religion, music, art, science fiction, or beer.

If you have a grand obsession, a glorious vision, a sense of destiny, a built-in leadership'll accomplish great things.

You care deeply about something that others generally dismiss or spend little time and effort on.

You may end up being a Visionary, Innovator, Inventor, Genius, Celebrity, or even a CEO (president of a company). Your passion, expressed in your blog and in your life, will take you There.

This is why I cannot understand why CEOs question "what would I blog about?" or "how can I be candid and transparent in a blog?"

If you're a CEO, you had better be passionate about more than bloated compensation and dictatorial power.

We expect you, as a CEO, to be passionate about solving problems for consumers via your excellant products. We expect you to have numerous anecdotes about your industry. We expect you to have interesting stories to tell about your career and how you acquired your expertise.

Whatever your blogging passion is, it's always good to shut down that computer, disconnect from the internet, and go outside.

It's good to get away from blogs, blogging, blogospheric explorations, for a while.

Spend some time in the garden. In the woods. In a homeless shelter. In a soup kitchen. In a nursing home. In a jazz club. In a theatre. In a church, mosque, temple, synagogue.

Break away from blogging once in a while.

Spend time with people. Walk a long distance for no reason at all.

Get outside and gaze at trees and buildings.

Refresh yourself.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


MARYBETH said...

Great picture and logo
May I use it? I have some blank spaces to fill asap!

steven edward streight said...

Yes. Do you subscribe to my RSS feed?

As soon as I posted this, I sensed your presence. I figured it was either you or Carrie.

My Easy Stats "who's online at your blog" counter told me someone was HERE.

Isn't that nifty, thrifty?

Sure, go ahead and use the image.

That's why, if it's a photo from someone else, I try to always put the photo credit right into the image itself, not just the caption.


carrie said...

i don't use RSS feeds, cuz i don't understand the whole thing and can't be bothered.

i think it is true that people need to go out and live life. writers/bloggers/musicians/artists need to refresh themselves. get something to use for material... etc.

steven edward streight said...

Yes, RSS is rather bewildering and of unknown or dubious value.

It's supposed to expedite the monitoring of multiple blog updates...but the technology is itself in need of monitoring.

I have some RSS subscribers, and when I post something new to one of my blogs, readers show up immediately most of the time.

That's why I love the EasyStats visitors online function. You ought to get it. That way, you know when people are at your blog reading it. It's kind of fun having this awareness.

Like if I post something on the Interplanetary Internet, for example, which is very obscure or unknown to most bloggers, I'll see like "4 visitors online" immediately.

It makes me feel good, knowing that as I proof my post, others are gazing at it, or other posts, along with me.

steven edward streight said...


Alright now.

I just now noticed the icon, the little thumbnail photo of you...from my favorite photo from your site.

That's a real treat. You are so funny. And unpredictable. Good qualities.