Monday, June 27, 2005

Blogosphere Not Safe for MSMers

blogosphere not safe for MSM

MSMers--our bloggy women-folk will eat you alive!

--my favorite quote from myself today.

I've been inspired and impressed by one of our strong Womenfolk Bloggers, if she won't mind me using the American pioneer terminology. Let me set up the scenario first. Then you'll see how cool this is.

It seems that my blogs are becoming Running Commentaries on The Red Couch/Naked Conversations blog of Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.

Maybe I should shut down my blogs, and just refer you all to my comments over there. Their posts, plus the comments of me, Jeremy C. Wright, Neville Hobson, Yvonne DiVita, Toby Bloomberg, et al, maybe that's all we really need to round out the Blogosphere.

The MSM Main/Morbid Stream Media wankers seem to hate that word "blogosphere". They see it as "blog sphere of influence" which is competitive and combative with their rickety rackety old MSM of newspaper, television, radio, and other crap nobody trusts anymore.

Okay...there's an interview with Rich Levin, who tries to bash blogs, bloggers, and the blogosphere...within a blog about blogging in the blogosphere...!

A comedy of errors.

Whenever an MSM advocate wades into the blogosphere, we always drown them in ironic comments, laughter, and "sharp tongued" facts. Truly, defending mainstream journalism is a losing proposition.

And Yvonne DiVita tackled an MSMer, knocked the hype out of him, and defeated some dangerous misconceptions about blogs and journalism...single handedly. I'm a blogo-combat veteran of many wars, and I have to tell you: this lady can kick some serious blog butt.

Yvonne's blog is Lipsticking:

Here is Yvonne DiVita's comment, then mine, as posted in response to Rich Levin.

Read the interview remarks by Rich Levin at:

[QUOTE by Yvonne DiVita]

Only one comment -- in response to bloggers as journalists, and I quote: "That said, bloggers talk about becoming more like journalists, but they will never be journalists until they conduct their reporting using the same unvarnished methods as the greats (Murrow, Woodward & Bernstein, etc.). As long as they're interviewing via e-mail or IM, the final product is compromised [NOTE: I interviewed Levin by e-mail after he offered to do it by phone]. As long as they remain mired in the pool of opinion, the final product is compromised."

Puh-lease! Do not expect us to believe that Murrow, Woodward & Bernstein did not EDIT whenever and wherever they chose. Or, if they did not, their editors did. No not purport to say that blogger journalists who take their writing seriously are any less professional than a WSJ writer, or a NY Times writer, or some flunky from USA Today who gets paid big bucks to deliver WHAT THE PUBLIC WANTS!

Bloggers, those who are transparent, authentic, and true to their writing, are heads and shoulders above all other reporters who have gone before us. When the news reporting in this country is so controlled by the $$$ of big business (as you know it is), the ONLY place to get the truth is in the blogosphere. Because we police our own.

Murrow, Woodward & Bernstein would have LOVED blogging. Personal opinion notwithstanding, bloggers are eager to share news, good or bad, about them or the topic they're writing about -- as for being mired in the pool of opinion; read the New Yorker sometime. Now, there's a magazine mired in opinion.

Posted by: Yvonne DiVita | June 27, 2005 11:06 AM

[END QUOTE by Yvonne DiVita]

[QUOTE by Steven Streight]

Rich: are you sure you fully understand blogs?

You don't seem to put much focus on the comments function of blogs.

You don't seem to realize how the blog could be the salvation of one of the most despised classes of society: the CEO.

You don't seem to understand how bloggers are changing the world, including impact on the European Union, the Ukraine Orange Revolution, etc.

Where was the MSM during the Iraq elections? Sleeping mostly. Or like CNN, broadcasting old footage of Iraqis mourning the dead from a terrorist attack that had happened quite a while prior. Thus: lying to emphasize the negative.

MSM: the Morbid Stream Media that obsessive-compulsively reports on how many AMERICAN SOLDIERS were killed today, ignores Iraqi casualties, and ignores the schools and hospitals up and running.

No--we're not getting our news from Dan Rather (rather not be truthful), but from Glenn Reynolds and Dean Esmay and Atrios and the timely J-bloggers.

I think you overlooked the value of blogs being the first universal publishing system in history, a medium open to any human being with a computer and internet access, open to the average person.

Blogs are the democratization of web content.

This rant reminds me of how Alexander Graham Bell, no idiot, is said to have thought that the telephone, his own invention, would be used only for sporadic news updates and music concert broadcasts.

The phone rings. Just another news update, or symphony. Let's skip it.

Wake up, friend. The Revolution Will Be, Is Being, Blogged, and NOT Televised.

Ha ha ha.

Posted by: Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate | June 27, 2005 12:24 PM

P.S. Even our Bloggy Women-folk are "sharp tongued" and ready to pounce, ala Yvonne go, sister! I've never liked you as much as I do today.

Posted by: Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate | June 27, 2005 12:33 PM

[END QUOTE by Steven Streight]

Our bloggy women-folk will eat you alive, MSMer.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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steven edward streight said...

Ah just for the sheer heck of it, here are some more comments I posted to that Rich Levin interview post at The Red Couch/Naked Conversations blog:

I agree with Dr. Deevy of The Deevy Report blog, a blog about labor relations and the new workplace.

When people, like the fellow from Burson-Marsteller with whom I've conversed via blogs, say that some corporations think they have many "channels of communication", so why blog?... shows they still don't understand what a blog is.

They keep thinking in terms of the old outmoded declining value Mass Market Broadcast Media.

Blogs represent Two Way Conversations.

It's stupid to think Email is superior to Blogs. It shows you don't understand Email or Blogs or much of anything really, no matter what your credentials and experience may be.

I can crank out better credentials than many I see exhibited here, but credentials mean nothing if you make unwise proclamations.

Email is blocked by filters, untrustworthy due to phishing, vulnerable when it's HTML email, will be deleted when the Sender is unknown or the Subject line is irrelevant, etc. It's also difficult to archive email in a really meaningful manner. Even email search engines are problematic and need big improvement.

Blogs are revolutionary due to, among other things, the interactivity of comments.

Blogs are slow chat rooms and, as Doc Searls said, are "emails to the world".

Blogs represent the first really serious interactive conversation between corporations and consumers, between organizations and the public.

A letter to the editor can be edited or tossed in a trash can. Good luck calling a "customer service" phone number (but MSN is superb with this). A postal letter to a CEO rarely receives a reply.

But when you post a comment on a CEO or corporate blog, your comment actually becomes part of the corporation, part of its interactive communication, part of its culture even.

You embed your thought into a segment of the corporate environment, even if the CEO fails to respond directly to it.

Posted by: Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate | June 28, 2005 07:30 AM

P.S. Another stupid remark:

"But are blogs more influential than other mediums? No. They generate the same type of viral influence as online forums, e-mails, IMs, and chats. Again, it's just another medium..."

Beyond the Valley of the Shadow of the Totally Clueless.

Please inform me of any IM, chat room, BBS, email, discussion list, or other online forum that has generated as much Revolution and Power to the People, as evidenced in what happened, largely or at least partially due to blogs, as what happened to:

* Trent Lott
* Dan Rather
* Dutch and French popular revolt against EU constitution
* Iraq Purple Finger election revolution
* Ukraine Orange Revolution
* all the other MSM journalist frauds who've been taken down, dismissed, or "retired" recently

Dig hole in sand, stick head in hole, utter nonsense obsessive-compulsively about the virtues of Morbid Stream Media.


Posted by: Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate | June 28, 2005 07:38 AM