Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Final Warning to All Bloggers

This is my Final Warning to All Bloggers: remove the comment spam and trackback spam on your blogs.

If you don't, here's what will happen...

You and your blog will be put on a "Shun List" of Spam Friendly-User Hostile Blogs.

I will post a list of lazy, stupid bloggers who permit Comment Spam and Trackback spam to sit in their blogs, whom I have warned and complained to--yet they do nothing.

I repeat:

Your blog will be listed as a Spam Friendly-User Hostile Blog.

I will destroy your reputation, your credibility, your business.

You asked for ignoring pleas to remove the spam.

Spam is Bad, you idiot!

How many times do I have to say this?....

...comment spam and trackback spam
will quickly destroy your credibility
and drive traffic away from your blog.

You must be brain dead, or a criminal yourself,
if you don't monitor your blogs for this crap.

Here's the Scenario

(1.) You google a word, or get a Gmail alert, or see an interesting blog in some blogroll, or otherwise decide to check out a blog.

(2.) You visit the blog.

(3.) You're thrilled with how cool it is. Informative. Authoritative. Helpful.

(4.) A particular post catches your eye. Interesting.

(5.) You feel you have something of value to contribute to the post.

(6.) You click-select the Post A Comment function.

(7.) Suddenly the previous comments appear above the comment text entry box.

(8.) COMMENT SPAM--pornographic, pharmaceutical, other con artist or dubious or malicious remarks, with URLs attached to lure you to a malicious site--like a spyware, Trojan, virus attaching site--or simply a site trying to sell you dubious items.

(9.) You post a comment: "Please remove this comment spam above this comment."

(10.) You email the blogger and politely inform him or her about the problem.

(11.) Blogger ignores both your comment posted and your email.

(12.) RESULT: the scumbags win again.

No Excuses for Blog Spam

I'm damn sick and tired of corporate BS and stupid bloggers.

I don't want to hear any more excuses as to why you don't have time to clean up your blog.

Then quit blogging and delete your blogs from the blogosphere, you fool.

You are putting blog visitors at risk. Comment spam and trackback spam can destroy computers and networks. It boosts the search engine ranking of malicious sites.

I'm tired of explaining all this shit to retards.

Screw you if you permit spam to sit on your blog.

I don't care who you think you are.

You had better figure out how to prevent and/or delete spam from your blogs.

There are blacklists, whitelists, captchas, email notifications of comments posted (so you can see in your inbox what all the comments are, and can quickly go to the blog and delete them), comment moderation with delayed comment posting, many other methods. Some cost nothing.

Have a nice day.

It may be one of your last nice days ever.

I will post a list of blogs and bloggers who allow comment spam and trackback spam to remain on their blogs...and who display sleazy sponsored links.

I will post this list, and circulate the list throughout the blogosphere, and post it at the highest traffic and most influential blogs.

Consider yourself warned.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Hans said...

Steven, this is a right struggle ! But could waist your creative time too. Bad blogs wont get read, I kick out of my reader 2 or 3 a week. But you are really right.

Hans said...

There should be prices like 100.000 USD, 40.000 USD and 25.000 USD for the most creative art bloggers by some maecens too, because Blogging is serious intellectual work on society, even if this society is small, but...

steven edward streight said...

It won't take much time or effort to compile a list of Spam Friendly - User Hostile blogs.

I plan to email and post comments one more time at each blog as warnings, giving them all one last chance to delete the spam and the sleazy sponsored links.

If they ignore this user input, then the ethics-bombs begin dropping.

I think people might be shocked by what blogs are guilty of this laziness, stupidity, and lack of care about blog visitors.

I care about blog visitors (readers) who are not experienced, who are young or old, or just don't know much about computers and scams and crime activity.

The Spam Friendly - User Hostile blogs are mostly business consultant, marketing, and university/academic blogs, including blogs devoted to web design, social-tech, and software applications.

Not many art, personal, or family blogs are guilty of leaving spam on, or of having sleazy sponsored links.

What do you think the future of blogs will be?

Hans said...

I am new to Blogs, but I am convinced, that the future of Blogs will be: Power

Bloggers get organized to impeach Chancellors (there is going on a real polit comedy in Germany right now), Bloggers will influence big companies, and punish them if nessecary for crimes, Bloggers will unite to save Nature, Bloggers will comunicate and have fun. Bloggers are responsible for a change of our world. Bloggers will improve the Blogging system.

steven edward streight said...

I'm trying at the moment to track down all the social, government, personal, political impact that blogs have.

Trent Lott, Dan Rather, Orange Revolution, Purple Finger Revolution, Cedar Revolution, Dutch/French anti-EU constitution, etc.

Send my English version report on the blogs and German chancellor.

what more do you know about blogs and global change?

yes, I agree.

bloggers, some, will be mighty powers.

I hope to be a strong moral and technical force in blogosphere and world.