Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Free Photos for Your Blog

dantada photo IMG_1504

There exist free photos you can use in your blogs, if you credit the artist by name and contact info (email, web site, blog, etc.), linking to them, and notifying them of how and where you're using their images.

There is often nothing wrong with the photos or the talent behind them.

They are simply "marginalized" like a tagline or sidebar, "made peripheral", "sliding away from center stage where the meaty applause resides."

Thus, non-existing, under-recognized, close companions with the esotericized, the oppressed, the immaterial, the unsaid, the vanishing, then re-invested, unknown.

Here are where true art looms in a gloaming on the spectral horizon.

I found this artist, dantada.

Located in Kanto, Japan,

dantada here is reflected above by "IMG_1504".


may be



dantada [at] yahoo [dot] com

I also discovered Anita Patterson's photos.

See the upper right corner of my blog sidebar.


When using the free photos,

you must contact the artist

to let them know you're using

their photo, their work.

Give the artist the URL (web address)

of where their photo is being used.

This way they can see how

you're using their photo.

This way, you both become famous.

You display artist work.

You communicate with artist.

You and artist are now a loose team.

You give credit, email address
and URL of artist to public display
in your blog site.

You link to artisit site.

You email notification to artist.

Artist may then promote your blog

as a new showcase of artist's work.

Your blog is now both an information dispenser

but is also a photographic art online gallery.

Here's something to amuse you now.

A photo/art collage of my images stored

created with Picasa 2.

The artwork is all my original material.

The photos are the work of others,

as credited where displayed separately.

my photo collage 001 with Picasa 2

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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