Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Future Blog Wiki--my new site

Streight Project Update

This is just a heads up about my new project.

Tonight, well it's four in the morning now, but to me, tomorrow doesn't begin until I tell it to, i.e., not until I go to bed at 6 AM then wake up at 10 AM to start the new long day.

Anyway, tonight I posted a link to the mp3 of my first ever podcast.

Then, I turned around and started a brand new wiki.

Like I don't have enough sites to monkey around with.

Why Start A Wiki?

See, I read a Google Gmail Alert about a Lawrence Lessig book wiki, in which he's enabling users to help update his best selling book:

Code and Other Laws of CyberSpace


...a book that's approximately 6 years old.

(The average age of new bloggers. Just kidding. LOL.)

I got inspired, I looked at JotSpot wiki features, and after a minute or so, I decided to go ahead and convert my recent "Blog Definition & Future of Blogs" micro email survey into a wiki project.

A wiki goes beyond the blog.

A wiki enables authorized users, or anyone, depending on the project, to add, delete, and revise content to the wiki site. Admins have the ability to "Revert" the changed sections to original version if deemed necessary.

There's more to wikis, but I just wanted to alert everyone to my new project.

Soon, I'll explain how you can add, delete, or edit my wiki devoted to blog definitions, blog core values, and the Future of Blogs and blogging.

Stay tuned.

The Future Blog Wiki


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate (...starting to lose track of how many sites I own and operate.)

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