Friday, June 17, 2005

How To Astonish Your Blog Readers

outer reaches of whatness

Have you seen some pretty amazing web sites, blogs, video games, digital art, photo manipulations somewhere?

What did you like about them?

Were they typical?




"just nice"?

. . . . . . . . .or were they

? ? ? ASTONISHING ? ? ?

I bet they were astonishing, alarmingly superior in some way.

Like what ways?

(1.) Rich, relevant content, information you need and can USE NOW for good and fast results. (EXAMPLE: My suggestion to try posting comments as a way to contact a blogger, a faster, more effective message than emails. It worked for a reader who was kind enough to comment on his results using my self-invented Neo-Blogging Techniques.

(2.) Other stuff that is also outstandingly different, unusual, wild, strange, unfamiliar, interesting, fun, enlightening, instructive, inspiring, untiring, fascinating, educational, recreational, genius, practical, eye-opening, gut-wrenching...

"...sliding at high velocity
down the slippery slope
of the leading edge." -- Vaspers the Grate Slogan 2005

(3.) Written by a unique, colorful, bombastic, bizarre (but polite and pragmatic, not too strange, but odd enough to successfully handle other odd jobs, both people and assignments), fearless person, someone not afraid to be what they think and think about what they are, when they've got a spare second or two.

(4.) Inspirational.

You feel uplifted, refreshed, empowered.

You feel a little smarter.

You feel a little more creative.

You fell like doing something now.

Thanks to ... what?

The great, thought-provoking, authoritative, richly-linked, accurate factual, and brilliant analytical content.

Or the visual/graphic style in which it's presented, or the personality of the blogger shining through, almost blindingly.

You learn something new every time.

You could go on reading more and more articles, essays, and posts, and never really get bored or frustrated.

Frequent posting provides you with a powerfully flowing, uninterrupted river of facts, art, and consciousness... you something new to use, or agree with, or debate against, or add to your stock of knowledge.

You may like the blog's sidebar displays, the "peripheral content", its issues banners and advertised utilities, like Bloglet email alerts...BlogMap...Easy Stats...FireFox...Picasa...Paint Shop Pro...Google Battle.

Art, photography, design template, literacy, creativity, comedy, Functionality, radicality, something grabs you.

You don't imitate it, but you try to create your own personalized variation of it, maybe even for an entirely different purpose or in a new and completely unrelated context.

Writing styles vary vastly. Perhaps you just love the way the blogger writes, even when you disagree. Even when it angers or mystifies you.


Go out there.

Seek the New, Wild, Effective.

Soak up inspiration and genius.

Invent your own hybrid mishmashed variations,

and keep working until you

have something that can


Do something totally unexpected,

a thing maybe that you've never seen

any blogger do on their blog...

...and see what happens.

Post Unexpected Posts

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

...and be sure to email me

or post a comment to let us know

and see your ASTONISHING creation.




MARYBETH said...


steven edward streight said...

Thanks marybeth. I was hoping to cause a reaction in somebody with this elaborate design.

(1.) colorful splotches

(2.) lasso-selected tiny areas

(3.) reflection effect: kaleidoscope

(4.) center: geometric effect: bulge, then wave (for ripple effect)

With these effects, I tried to make it look like a confusion of kaleidoscopic delight was being blown up like a balloon.

Hope it bursts out of your screen like a burgeoning bloke.

(Mental Note: look up definition of the word "burgeoning".)

Hans said...

Your propositions and demands and prospects are absolutely right, Steven.

steven edward streight said...

Thanks grijsz. Trying harder every day.