Sunday, June 05, 2005

Is Ultimate Blogger for real?

Ultimate Blogger, a reality game, pits one blogger against another, to see which is the better blogger.

Have you heard of this game?

Here's an explanation from Urban Honking,
the Ultimate Blogger web site.



The Ultimate Blogger is a 6-week competition between 12 people to be the best blogger in order to win a $500 dollar prize package.

Each week consists of two challenges and two eliminations.

The person or team that wins the challenge is safe, forcing the other players to vote someone out of the game.

The last blogger remaining will be crowned The Ultimate Blogger and win the prize package.

Here is a bit more on how the game will work.


The Ultimate Blogger Den is where the contestants have free reign.

You can read and comment on their unedited entries and challenge-posts here.

This is where a lot of the action takes place.

Beware of the Den! Before you know it you've spent 6 hours reading posts and comments.


A blend of Survivor and The Apprentice?

A game of Elimination Blogging?

Will we be seeing a soap opera featuring a group of bloggers who engage all kinds of debauchery and deformity with one another? Hurting, betraying, and enjoying each other?

Just wondering where all this is headed.

Blog Wars of 2005:

the anti-blog forces
are seeking to portray
blogging as a frivolous
pursuit by trivial people.

Does Ultimate Blogger
fall into this
category of

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