Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Landmarks in Blog History 1992 - 2004

landmarks of blog history AT--Blog Core Values (photo: "lunch" by Anusharaji)

Landmarks in Blog History 1992 - 2004

[blog events, according to Meatball Wiki


(1.) FIRST BLOG = January 1992 "What's New" by Tim Berners-Lee.

(2.) June 1993 "What's New" by Marc Andreessen.

(3.) January 1994 what becomes "Links from the Underground" (after doestoevsky's "Notes from the Underground") by Justin Hall.

(4.) January 1995 "Online Diary" by Carolyn Burke.

(5.) August 1995 "Stating the Obvious" by Michael Sippey.

(6.) April 1997 "Scripting News" by Dave Winer.

(7.) September 1997 "SlashDot" by Rob Malda.

(8.) December 1997 "Robot Wisdom" by Jorn Barger.

(9.) May 1998 "" by Peter Merholz.

(10.) September 1998 "MemePool" begins.

(11.) Early 1999 Pitas automatic HTML blogging templates by Andrew Zeepo


(12.) March 1999 "" launched by Brad Fitzpatrick.

(13.) August 1999 "Blogger" of Pyra Labs, founded by Evan Williams, with Meg Hourihan ("MegNut"), Paul Bausch, Matt Hamer, Jack Saturn, and Derek Powazek. Still the largest blog management system in the world.

(14.) December 1999 "Edit This Page" by Dave Winer (most famous for Joel Spolsky's

(15.) March 1999 RichSiteSummary by Netscape is adapted by Dave Winer for his "Scripting News" blog.

(16.) May 1999 Here Come the Weblogs article on "Slashdot" blog.

(17.) July 1999 "Meta-Filter" community blog started by Matt Haughey.

(18.) February 2002 Blogger is over 10 million entries.

(19.) February 2003 Google buys Pyra Labs, Evan Williams' blogging company with 1.1 million users at time of acquisition.

(20.) May 2004 "Vaspers the Grate" by Steven Streight.

(21.) April 2005 "Blog Core Values" by Steven Streight.

This is my edited, truncated version of the Meatball Wiki "A Brief History" of weblogs.


MARYBETH said...

Dear SteveDear Steve.
well pardon my vernacular , but this just sucks!
Of all things for a" blog to eat" first your brain, my brain( though in all fairness, photo bucket was the root cause of the majority of gray matter death), then my pictures, and now a post about Rilke!
It is a good thing I don't have hi blood pressure or else I would have to retire my blog ASAP. Much more of this insidious frustration and I am going to look like one of the mannequins in your blog pictures.
Oh well... enough for one night. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon will allow for my adding links first attempt! Why don't you list your blog in one of the blog listings. Should I list mine? If so, where? I recall you mentioning bugs and viruses and more evil spirits that lurk the blogosphere.
Over the hump we go and onto Thursday!

steven edward streight said...

I look forward to seeing you start adding links to your blog.

It will turn your blog into your cyber-car.

You will seat yourself inside your blog, then travel to other sites from within it, by click-selecting links in your sidebar.

You will be so happy and content then.

The world will seem like a lollygagging extirpation of Pyrrhic victories over tilde demarcations cachinatting like a kettledrum in panegyric beauty.

Joel Spolsky said... was not "by" Joel Spolsky, it was by Dave Winer.

steven edward streight said...


Very sorry for the error.

The Meatball Wiki has misinformation on it, or I didn't read it correctly.

Will fix this.

Thanks for pointing this out for me.