Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Personal Attacks on Me are Welcome Here

personal attacks against me are fine and dandy here

What Happened

I just got told to not launch "personal attacks" on a blog.

In a comment, I had written: "Another stupid remark..."

This calling a remark "stupid" was considered a "personal attack".

I was asked not to call a person or a statement "stupid".

I said "okay".

My Policy Re: Personal Attacks Against Me

Now I want you all to please listen up.

You have my permission to call me "stupid".

You have my permission to call any of my statements "stupid".

If you think I said something stupid, or if you think that I am in general stupid, please feel free to state your opinion.

I will be more disappointed if you remain silent and keep your opinions to yourself.

A Seemingly Abusive Comment That Was Really Helpful To Me

I once posted an artwork that I thought was all mystical and profound and such.

This was at my Art Test Explosion blog.

I got this comment: "This looks like a diseased [part of body where the birds don't fly and the sun doesn't shine]."

Did I get mad? Did I delete the "abusive comment"? Did I consider a harsh statement about my artwork to be a "personal attack" against me as a person?


But I did delete the artwork along with the accompanying comment. But it was because I agreed with the comment.

As I gazed at that specific artwork, I felt the comment was correct. Was this comment harsh? No.

Was it vulgar? Yes, in the language used, but it got my attention more than a softer expression would have.

I may not have used the same word [which I deleted here for reasons of taste and polite society], but this comment was helpful to me.

This shocking but sincere comment caused me to look at the art through the eyes of another person.

Perhaps many visitors saw the artwork in this way, but were too timid to express their perception. I was so happy that the person expressed his reaction so vividly.

Sometimes soft speech sucks.

Sometimes "diplomacy" is cowardly and ineffective.

Sometimes harsh is good.

I've had people be sarcastic, angry, crude, and bitter in comments to my blogs.

But I've never considered, so far, any comments to be hateful or crazy. I learn a lot from harsh criticisms. Only crybabies fear harsh comments.

So, without passing judgement on the blogger who asked me to not call people or statements "stupid", I want to state my policy here.

Call me "stupid" if you think I am. Maybe sometimes I do act or talk stupidly. If I hear about it, then I can correct myself and be smarter.

Remember, truly stupid people don't think they're stupid, which is why they're so stupid.

Please avoid really vulgar expressions, racism, sexism, and other really Hate Speech statements that are only designed to harm, hurt, damage, or stir up needless trouble.

But don't worry about my feelings. I don't have any. I'm a blog zombie. Ha! Just jesting (joking).

Now I'll shut up and wait to hear from YOU.

What do you think?

What's your opinion about harsh comments?

How do you define "abusive comments"?

Have you ever deleted any comments on your blog?

Have you ever been scolded for posting a harsh comment?

Have you ever been banned from a site due to your comments?

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[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



carrie said...

you make me very angry

steven edward streight said...


You make me, or I mean, I make me become very sad in knowing that that which you refer to as "you" in reference to "me", meaning an assumed unified presence, represented by words that indicate my absence, yet promise a specter of my dreamt-of potential presence, that this entity authoring these sentences, or at least this sentence, which is not yet a sentence, as I type it, but is prone to become a full and present sentence, is a source or catalyst to your ire.

This is how Blanchot writes, and Derrida...sort of.

I looked up Alain Robbes-Grillet via Google and it was like a mirror, a bunch of links to my blogs.

I looked up Blanchot and the web site devoted to him is in French.

Wikipedia has a slight reference to him, a tiny glimpse, but not a good list of his books.

carrie said...


carrie said...

one time i left a harsh comment and i was trying to be sneaky and do it as anonymous, but my computer tricked me and put my name and info, without my desiring it. i called someone a superficial, hypocritical b****. so, after i realized that my freaking name and stuff was on there i was totally upset because in truth, i actually like that girl a lot! and i was just feeling upset cuz i was projecting. i learned a lot from that. for one thing, that if you are really angry at a blogger you can pretty much be certain that it is all about you and not about them.

carrie said...

promise a specter of my dreamt-of potential presence

that is a greaat phrase.
sorry for spamming your blog

steven edward streight said...

It's not spam.

"Comment spam" is irrelevant comment (or no comment at all but just a URL-web address), with the intent being to drive traffic to ones own or another's web site.

"Flooding" is posting excessively with the intent to disrupt, block other comments, or draw attention to oneself.

You flooder you.


Re: "it's all about you and not about them" -- I'm not so sure if that's always true.

However, the desire to attack, to harm, to project ones own inadequacies on someone else, is self-referential indeed.

But to react passionately, explosively to a very stupid statement, or something that is dangerous, evil, or just plain wrong, this can often be good.

As I've said before, sometimes a stupid, evil, or wrong thing needs an extremely harsh attack just to dislodge it, to get people to wake up and pay attention.

Even Jesus, who generally healed and calmed people, got upset at Pharisees and called them various unflattering things, and also overthrew the tables of the money changers in the temple and drove the animals out.


carrie said...

very true