Sunday, June 05, 2005

Super Sidebar Hacks: soon at Vaspers the Grate

I'm importing and creating my own original sidebar badges.

Those graphic, artistic items that act as subheads for sidebar content categories, or as ads, posters, issues advocacy, blog activism.

And now I'm also working on a fun

and very informative

inspirational-instructional post:

"Super Sidebar Hacks: Blog Beausage Made Easy"

Sidebar Construction

How much attention and work have you devoted to your blog sidebar?

Does it look like every other sidebar you've ever seen?

Perfunctory widgets, badges, contact info, and other quasi-mandatory items?

How much value does your sidebar offer to blog visitors?

Why dump things into it with no hierarchy, or only a vague sense of stacking priority?

Help Me Improve My Blog Sidebars

You may have noticed that I'm pouring new designed badges, functions, and features in my sidebar.

These will be changing as I learn more and evaluate what I'm doing.

Some will be moving up or down the sidebar positioning, others will be re-designed (generally to smaller sizes, pixels rather than inches, etc.)

If YOU have any suggestions about my sidebar, post a comment or email me.

I'm always open to any complaint, scolding of error, critique, question, better technique, better style, improved ranking of objects and listed items, etc.

I'm going to tell you how to go step-by-step from a dull, disorganized, non-prioritized, low-value, content-poor, unattractive blog or web site side bar... a Sidebar of True Beauty and Good Usefulness.

A sidebar full of beausage.


Don't look at me.

This is not my neologism (newly coined or invented word).

But I like "beausage", it's simple and funny.

It has beauty and usability in itself and as a self-reflexive exemplar: "beausage". (Not "blue sausage".)

I will starting using "beausage" a lot, for my own communication clarifications, my own blogological essays and blog posts.

Beausage Definition

"Beausage" is...

...the blend, the harmonious enraptured union of: usability and beauty.

Or making a beautiful entity of practical value to help users solve a problem, find a solution, or enhance a leisure activity--to make life more enjoyable, less stressful, more tranquil.

Products...Expressions of Universal Compassion!

All products are, ideally, in the best instances, Calmers, Fear-killers, Worry-negaters, Tranquilizers, Sedatives, Peace Bringers.

This the Metaphysical Value of Commercial or Non-commerical Entities (products, services, art, music, etc.)

So coming later tonight, or maybe tomorrow at the latest, will be this post on building more beausage into your site, by enhancing the design and contents of your sidebar.

Beautify Your Blog...

Usabilitize Your Blog...

Your Audience Deserves It!

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[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate
aka Leopold the Told


A link will be posted here, as soon as it is available, to my podcast interview with Chris Ritke of 49Media, the Media-Enriched Online Resources (Blog, Web Site, Podcast, etc.) Directory.


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