Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This Could Rock the Blogosphere

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"Blog Definition & The Future of Blogs--Part Two" now available for viewing at my Vaspers the Grate blog.


The eagerly anticipated post, first in the series, is up now:

Blog "Blog Definition & The Future of Blogs--Part One"


Stay tuned to Vaspers the Grate and Blog Core Values. Very soon, you'll be privy to some inside information about blogs...

...that may rock the blogosphere.


I just emailed a micro-survey to a whole mess of top bloggers.

I asked them these two questions:

(1.) What is your definition of a "blog"?

(2.) What is the future of blogs?

Jorn Barger (Robot Wisdom), one of the Original Pioneer Blog Innovators, Dean Esmay (Dean's World), and Amanda Marcotte (Mouse Words, an award-winning site: 2004 Koufax Award, Best New Blog, and now seemingly moving on to the Pandagon group blog) have graciously provided some astonishing answers to these questions.

Jorn is super smart, as usual.

Dean cheered me up and revealed some very astonishing personal facts to me that gave me a whole new perspective on blogging, popularity ranking, and clinking (clique linking and accolading).

Amanda blew me away with her conception of the future of blogs. I can't wait to unleash this material on the blogosphere, and watch the MSM cringe.

Revolution, baby!

Global turmoil for Universal Democracy and Free Expression, brought to you by your friendly misinterpreted blogging fiends.

Strange concepts, my favorite kind, and refreshingly thought-provoking.

I don't know if I agree with some of her political and metaphysical concepts, but she is so nice and so generous to take the time to reply in depth to my email surveys. I think I understand where she's coming from in her political opinions, since I'm an a-political ethical anarchist.

She never complains, never puts me down for bothering her, she's a wonderful person and a sharp, top flight blogger.

I'll wait until I have a good quantity of responses, then I'll compile the information and deliver it to you on a silver platter.

You're sure to be amazed at what these high-traffic, pioneering, successful bloggers have to say about these two very controversial issues.

What exactly is a blog?

How will blogs evolve, what shapes will they take, for what purposes will they be used?

So be sure to check back, subscribe to Feedburner RSS feed, or post title updates via Bloglet email subscription to Vaspers the Grate and Blog Core Values.

I'm On Fire...

...having launched

All Out Warfare Against
the Enemies of the Blogosphere.

The action here is going to heat up
and you won't want to miss it.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka The Leper Guru

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William Gaus said...

Interesting...I would like to see a similar survey sent to bloggers who are blogging from the confines of your average every day Fortune 500 company. Perhaps with a question or two along these lines….
How can your company benefit from internal blogs?
How is your company ruining blogging?
Why isn’t your company running an internal blog campaign?

I will sit eyeing my bloglines account , awaiting greatness and revolution!

steven edward streight said...


Guess what? Since you have the idea, I suggest you implement it.

Send a brief email to these folks, and ask only two maybe 3 short questions, tell them what you want to do with their replies (quote in a blog post), ask permission to do so, thank them in advance, be sure your blog URLs and other contact info is in your email signature.

Compile the responses, write a post, come back HERE please and post a comment with the link to your post.

A project like this will keep you out of trouble, and be fun and enlightening too.

But not "how can your company benefit..." they'll say "how should I know? buzz off."

Ask "have you considered..." or "do you plan to..." or "what results have you gotten from..." or similar.

HEY. What is this "how is your company RUINING (sic) blogging?"?

Ruining? Did you mean to say "running"? Er, that sounds odd too. What did you mean?

LOL, but not at you.


William Gaus said...

Ruining is right. I would like to get a feel on what is going wrong out there in the corporate blogosphere. This is more interesting to me than the personal blog environment. Due to the fact that it's only a matter of time before someone smells the money and starts to churn out PR garbage that they try to pass off as a true voice. Some would say this has started already, but I think the landslide of corporate blogging is yet to happen. It's just a matter of who does it right and who does it wrong…if there is such a thing. I guess it's all a matter or perspective

I have to say shortly after I posted the comment it came to me, "Why don’t I just do it? Get off your lazy butt and do some work" Good stuff. It always comes to me just a moment too late. I will report back, thanks for the idea!

steven edward streight said...

Funny you should really mean "ruining" though I wonder about asking anyone "so, how are your ruining the blogosphere [or: your marriage, the music industry, food preparation, literature, metaphysics, salesmanship, the country, democracy, etc.--LOL]?"

Like: "so, when are you going to stop beating up your wife?" LOL

Funny you should wonder about business blogging.

You heard it here, in my comment to W. Gaus, first:

I am starting to think that businesses and CEOs should NOT blog.

They should promptly exit the blogosphere and never return.

A contrarian view, my favorite kind, second only to infallibly correct.

What CEO that you know of is truly benevolent, fair, honest, industrious, compassionate, willing to speak candidly and to share information, anecdotes, and faults with the public?

So if they cringe at candid, open, highly interactive, non-censored conversations with customers and the public...

...they should shove off, go away, and die in their perversely bloated compensation packages. Good riddance, schmuck ass losers and frauds.

No offense to the good CEOs out there. All six of them.