Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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MARYBETH said...

Hey my Blogharishi,

I sent ya 2 e-mails!

I like the comment images you have


May I borrow one to try on my

blog experiment?

With so much Gratitude,


steven edward streight said...

All is yours forever.

steven edward streight said...

Just realize the first two are self-parody.

steven edward streight said...

Horrible web day today. Disconnected upwards of 12 times in two hours.

Horrid net day.

Now freaking Yahoo mail won't accept my password and username, correctly entered.

This shit is why I started studying web usability years ago. Most web junk is half broken half the time.

Blog layouts go nuts or vanish.

Email me ant my other address.

steven [dot) streight {at) gmail (dot} com

Karen said...

Happy to see you have a Gmail account. :-)

Karen said...

Don't you think it's about time you got cable or DSL, already?

Dial-up is so 20th Century. :-)

steven edward streight said...

You don't understand why I still have dial-up.

I don't trust the cable company, nor have I seen any alternate internet connection service that seems reliable, priced right, etc.

From LAN to WAN, one must consider all the services, who's hooked into who, that sort of thing.

Or am I making it too complicated?

I tell people, just recently, to switch to Firefox from IE, so I guess I do need to do some research and find a better ISP.

Right. Another thing, high priority, but still, listed amongst a million other things to do or learn.

Usually not so bad, this dial up connection.

Today was just the pits, awful, lousy. Unnervingly annoying. But I stayed calm in spite of it. I think.