Thursday, July 14, 2005

Blogs are Anti-terrorism

Blogs are anti-terrorism.

How so?


Blogs are about free expression, free practice of religion, free speech, free thinking.

["Blogs", "bloggers", etc., in this essay refers to Ideals, not necessarily all instances or examples of them.]

Blogs are authored by many women, who terrorists seek to keep as uneducated baby machines.

Blogs are open to comments, interaction, reasoned debate, respect for differing viewpoints.

Blogs represent bravery, fearless posting of opinions.

Blogs represent questioning authority and traditions.

Blogs pave the road to mutual understanding of ethnic, religious, economic, racial, cultural diversity.

Comments are Democracy & Liberty

Blog comments, the reader's interaction with the blog author, are an open forum.

Anybody can post comments at this blog, as long as they're not comment spam, abusive, or vulgar-pervert speech.

Blog comments are *NOT* labeled:

"Muslim comments only, no Christian comments allowed"

"Atheist comments only, no religionist comments"

"Male comments only"

"White Protestant American comments only"

"Agreements only, no criticisms"

"Demopublican comments only, no Republicrats"

"Aggressive comments only, no wimps"

Blog Authors are Diverse and Tolerant

Blog authors are judged by the quality of ideas or entertainment value, not color of skin, philosophical creed, or national origin.

Blogs represent the democratization of web content, not the tyranny of governmental or corporate control.

Blogs are individuals reaching out to others in compassion, criticism, or comedy.

Blogs are about thinking independently of institutions and traditions.

Blogs are about self-realization, self-expression, and self-transcendance.

Blogs are about not covering your face with towels and sheets, and your womenfolk with hot, heavy crap that you as a male wouldn't wear.

(When men dress normal, but force women to dress abnormal, the men are ugly, hateful, phobic, insecure assholes. I don't care what religion they claim to follow.

Even some American Protestant wanker denomination frauds force women to wear dresses only, never slacks. But the guys wear whatever they want.

I am offended by all dress codes, except in prisons. That's what a dress code is: a garment prison, a straightjacket made by the insane for the exploited.)

Many bloggers are displaying a photo and a profile ("about me"), so audiences connect with a real, genuine person.

No hiding. No disguising. No anonymous. No false identity. No irrelevant fictional characters. No cowardly coverings.

The blogger: warts and all, as is said.

In all these ways, and more I'm sure you could think of...

...blogs are anti-terrorism.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



gabsmash said...


carrie said...

i think one of the key issues that some people may have trouble grasping because to them a blog seems so innocuous is that a blog is a PUBLIC thing. not private.
Public. that means anyone can look at it and will have their own reaction to it.
[Participated in or attended by the people or community: Opinions are formed in a process of open discussion and public debate (Hannah Arendt).]
Open to the knowledge or judgment of all

carrie said...

that is, of course, unless you make it private. ;-)

Hans said...

Steven, how do you like this:

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: good point.

Blogs are generally public, available for anyone to read.

This is why employers are encountering trouble with employees writing personal blogs, on their own time, but making fun or criticizing fellow employees and bosses.

But terrorist generally train in secret lairs, and preach hate in closed meetings in mosques, as we see in London.

I wish the good Muslims would clean house and get rid of the terrorists, the crybaby bullies, the cowards with covered faces.

I am not "terrorized" by them. I speak my mind about anything I want on my blogs.

Grijsz: will check it out. Thanks. But you know I'm hard to please when it comes to URLs.


steven edward streight said...

gabsmash: weird avatar.

carrie said...

i like gabsmash's picture. what's weird about it?

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: well, I'm a guy and must confess an overall ignorance regarding women's veils and hats and such.

But the female's face, in this photo, is not looking at the camera, seems almost "unposed", authentic, candid, like a blog.

That's strange.

Aren't the logistics, aesthetics, athletics of the photo unusual? Nearly cryptic?

There are some lilies blossoms or what the dang heck are those splotches hovering within the veil?

An optical trick played by my eyes not focusing on it pervasively?

It seems a face is in there, yes.

But what is that visual noise surrounding it, there, for ex, where the other eye should be, or over here, where the temple and ear, to the right, should be or have been?

Not your run of the mill glamor or celebrity photo, given the nature of gabsmash's site.

Like your photos, almost none look posed, and looking away from the camera is almost always better than looking right at it, posing, affixing oneself in a faux photogenic rigidity as unnatural as the studio, background, or circumstance.


How was the camping trip, or are you geeking your way from still within it?


Your This is My Blog site, the comments on Friday said "Overreactiosn 0" but if click-selected a comment field associated with a post, all the comments, from 5 to 65, were there.

Then Saturday "Comments temporarily closed" or some such message.

That's nice, the message, the ability to retitle your comments and the comment counter.

carrie said...

when i look at gabsmash's avatar/picture i see a woman wearing a black v-neck sweater. she is looking back over her right shoulder. her bangs are covering her face. she has a necklace on. it's black and white. i like it because she avoided having to reveal her face. it is alluring and mysterious. are we discussing two different pictures?

i am back from camping. it was fun.
we camped in two different spots. one was very windy and cold. the other was so hot, we never left the shade or the water.

carrie said...

p.s. yeah, haloscan has been on the fritz. i did send them two letters of complaint.

steven edward streight said...

Soon you'll decide whether to stay on Haloscan or not.

Gabsmash avatar I see is a lady in a V neck sweater or blouse, with all kinds of visual noise, white splotches or blotches, a mess of incongruity at back of her head, a real weird image that looks soiled or mangled.

I don't want to spend so much time analyzing it. It's just plain bizarre, barely looks human in fact.

A mannikin maybe.

Glad camping was enjoyed. I love nature and my big lush over-towering garden.