Monday, July 04, 2005

Business & Spirit

"business & spirit" Blog Core Values (photo: cahilus)

Why "Business & Spirit"?

Business is seeking ethics, accountability, truth in accounting, truth in PR, truth in blogs, truth in ecommerce, truth in email, usability perfection, quality controls, genuine voluntary interaction between, and benefit to, company and consumer.


Business is confronting
such items and events as:

* fraud

* malfeasance

* email, blog comment, blog trackback, and other internet forum and interactivity spam (unwanted, unauthorized, unethical, irrelevant, self-serving content, sometimes accompanied by malicious or dubious attachments or URLs).

* computer viruses, Trojans, worms, multiple payload/omni-target malware code

* DDoS attacks

* offshore outsourcing scams

* monopolies

* narcissistic, isolationist, or amoral competitors

* bad press for offshoring, outsourcing, downsizing, and underwhelming

* detrimental trade practices and tariff barriers

* changing immigration and border policies

* labor negotiation dilemmas

* protection of consumer information from identity theft

* inept staff and advisers

* network connectivity problems

* online form dysfunctions

* political intrusions

* cyber-vandals and digital bandits

* disruptive shifts in consumer loyalties

* industry-altering emergent technologies.



employee morale

team building & leading

investor relations

public perception

regulation compliance

ethical standards

personnel philosophy

corporate culture

organizational climate

operational orientation

futuristic focus.

The most immaterial is The Future,

the very definition of

one type of immaterialism.

Seeking goodness and truth, fairness and productivity, honesty and transparency, global communication and interaction with other people groups...

classic spiritual/philosophical values.

Stepping into Metaphysics

Whether business likes it or not, it is,

like quantum physicists before them,

stepping beyond the materialistic

into the metaphysical and mystic.


* unthought, non- (but not anti-, nor ir-) rational, inexpressible feelings of caring for humanity, customers, clients, family, friends, strangers, the environment and other beings.


* deeply, slowly thought, rationalized, expressible reasons for seeking the metaphysical and improving the materialistic realms

What "Business & Spirit" is NOT

NOT "business & religion".

NOT "business & new age".

NOT "business & church".

NOT "business & ecclesiastical institutions".

NOT "business & fantasy".

NOT "business & ritual".

NOT "business & sermons."

NOT "business & sensitivity training".

NOT "business & fanatic fundamentalism".

NOT "business & denominationalism". & spirit.

Spirit: that which religion lacks.

Spirit: that which philosophy seeks
to define as outside and integral.

Spirit: that which embraces ethics,
consistency, credibility,

Spirit: goodness beyond normal, herd-mentality, quasi-human thinking.

Spirit: beyond human mediocrity, hypocrisy, and passivity.

Spirit: beyond philosophy's extreme edge.

Spirit: apolitical, not entangled in worldliness, but addresssing the world.

Spirit: the immaterial, its laws and population, its progressive unity.

Spirit: closer to quantum physics than to any religious insanity.

Spirit: within you and without you.

Spirit: what Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Einstein, Tim-Berners Lee handled.

Spirit: overwhelming the present, broken free from the past.

Spirit: Idea Unbound.

Spirit: Infinite Creativity.

Spirit: Universalist Compassion.

Spirit: Pure and Brilliant and True.

Businesses without spirit are selfish, not pro-consumer, false advertisers, fraudulent merchandisers, greedy, arrogant, outmoded, staining the business landscape with their poisoned materialism.

Any business can have spirit,

without any religious agenda.

Separation of church and store,

but not

separation of spirit and business.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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