Friday, July 08, 2005

Carrie of Omnamaste aka The Wrath of Grapes

carrie of omnamaste [dot] blogspot [dot] com

Here's a good example of a personal blog,

a Global Super Blogger,

another of our blogosphere's

lady bloggers, strong womenfolk,

not to be messed with,

holding a firm fortress

of authenticity, candor,

intellectuality, popularity,

artisitic creativity,

and sincerity.

The Wrath of Grapes

Carrie's "Omnamaste" blog

aka "The Wrath of Grapes"

currently bearing the transitive

"What's so funny about peace, love,

and understanding?" headline/title.

A personal blog that makes

many business and marketing blogs

look rather bleak and unimaginative.

A talented photographer and writer.

Good taste in other authors and books.

*) *(**())**-^-

silk and roses sometimes,

not always stickers

and sandpaper...

Om Namaste blog is aka (1) Falling Upward, (2) Rigmarole, (3) The Wrath of Grapes, and (4) 100% Real.

I think.

Carrie also has a blog devoted to Primatology, called infinitesockmonkeys.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



carrie said...

thank you

steven edward streight said...

you are worthy and welcome

MARYBETH said...

Hey Steven and Carrie,
Was that the original name of your blog? Did you change it recently?
Probably just more symptoms of ever increasig memory loss, but i thought it had a different name.

Steven, I am waaaaay behind e-mails 649 on my counter tonight. Tomorrow is another busy day, but I am hoping to catch up here soon.
Please forgive my tardyness in returns to you.
N a m a s t e ,
P S i like the family blog post =)
P S S , if you can find the time, check out SLIT TRENCH, take a lookee lew and give me feed back.

carrie said...

my blog changes names as often as it changes templates.
it has no permanent identity,
as neither do i.

carrie said...

maybe the real name is om namaste
because that is the address.

steven edward streight said...

Keep track of all the alternate, evolving titles of your blog.

What are all the names so far? From the very first.

You also have Buddha Dharma, Donkey Shins, something else?

steven edward streight said...

100% Real. Falling upward.

MB: I'll need that URL for Slit Trench, which means a foxhole for combat.

carrie said...

i feel like SUCH a dork with all these blog titles. my first titles was random philosophical musings. then just random musings. since i've stopped using that one, i've actually seen it around on other blogs.

steven edward streight said...

You are an astonishing mesh of intellect and emotion, highly intriguing and refreshing, Carrie.

I'm an underwhelming mess of belligerence and benevolence.

It's okay you have multiple titles.

I like it.