Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dead Blogging

dead blogging

Dead Blogging is:

* blogging when no one cares

* blogging when no one visits

* blogging when no one comments

* blogging when enemies smile politely

* blogging when friends act strangely

* blogging when associates betray

* blogging when blogosphere seems dark

* blogging when others are silent

* blogging when it's work and not fun

* blogging when templates fall apart

* blogging when eyes are hurting

* blogging when neck is painful

* blogging when allies can't be found

* blogging when comrades are fallen

* blogging when hopes are dashed

* blogging when bloggers sell out

* blogging when it's no longer trendy

* blogging when it's difficult to think

* blogging when it seems pointless

* blogging when you feel all alone

* blogging when there's so much to learn

* blogging when it seems eternal

* blogging when it seems to worsen

* blogging when you just don't care.

Dead Blogging is mandatory.

If you've never done any Dead Blogging,

you've never really blogged.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Hans said...

Steven, dead blogging is like hunting, long way going, failures over failures, accidents, thunderstorms, lonely nights, but bringing closer hunter and the hunted. In the end failure is not allowed, if the hunter wants to survive. But often hunters do not return too.

Karen said...


Take a break, buddy. Go out and see some sun, have some fun.

We will still be here when you get back, I promise. :-)


steven edward streight said...

I am full of breaks, but thanks.

I am readying myself to make some very bizarre posts for a while, where I switch strategies, methodologies, and presentiments in a constant flashing that acts as internal strobe.

From private to gregarious, even a remote hint of trivial drivel about meaningless mundanities and meandereings.

About Psycho Dad leaving the complex, with "Good Riddance" scrawled triumphantly with brown sandstone rock, a cave art mysterio curio, scribbled on the sidewalk, at it's marginal next step into abode proper, the first and last flagstone, the flag of animosity replaced with therapeutic amnesia:

When X is gone from sight,
X has lost the fight.

I'm fully of breaks with tradition.

Full of broken things and inevitable things, culminating in perpetual triumph over all things at all times.

steven edward streight said...

P.S. And remember everyone, this is not a personal blog.

It's a public information service micro-site, disguised as a "weblog".

Nothing is ultimately being "logged" here, only in a temporary and miniaturized manner.


...meaning: nearly nothing here is about me.

"Dead Blogging" and "Blue Blogging" are essays from me about bloggers casualties I'm seeing with astonished eyes, best blog minds renouncing either comments, frequent updates, syndication, podcasting, audioblogging, vlogging, glogs and other assistive tech, or blogging altogether.

As a deconstructivist blogologist, I merely peer and port.


Vaspers the Streight

carrie said...

but your style is so grate!
it's hard to feel it's all business.

steven edward streight said...

It's all business.

Hans said...

Would be nice if the "Dead" could blog too, as I dreamed two nights ago, that my mom (she died 2002) send me an E-mail from heaven, strange ?

steven edward streight said...

Sorry you lost your mom.

What haunts me is the phrase "when your mom and dad are dead, then you're no one's child."

No one's child. Someday we all may be this. Very sad and lonely existentially.

If you had such mystical dream, it shows you have a spiritual side to you that is developed to high degree. Stay at it.

The immaterial path pulls us off the substantialist highway.